You will know Me as your Deliverer and Comforter

The Lord has been dealing so tenderly with me over the last few weeks. I have been experiencing His comfort in very deep ways.

The Lord has been dealing so tenderly with me over the last few weeks. I have been experiencing His comfort in very deep ways. The world is being awakened to that which has been covered up and hidden – to evil schemes and plots, meticulously planned against humanity, for decades. We are seeing the fulfilment of God’s promise, ‘I will expose every hidden thing in this era.’. However, we cannot process what is exposed without God’s comfort and healing. The level of trauma and shock that accompanies the disclosure of this evil, must be closely partnered with the Holy Spirit so that our souls don’t become broken by it, but healed and comforted. God will turn what the enemy meant for harm, for good, and He will wipe every tear away.

For those who have clarity of vision amongst the fog of delusion and lies, the Lord has a word of encouragement for you today. He is saying, ‘My precious one, I know the burden you carry and the pain you feel. You see destruction on every side, and your heart cries out, ‘how much longer, Lord? How far will this go?’. You see the enemy increase in his wickedness and you recognise his schemes from afar off.

Am I not the same God, the One who opened the Red Sea? The One who delivered Goliath into the hands of My humble servant, David? Am I not the One who rescued Israel from Haman’s plans, and showed up time-and-time-again to deliver My people from calamity? Yes, I am I AM. My child, you have come to know Me as your sustainer and provider in the desert-place. There, you have learnt to cling to Me and lean on Me for everything. I have sustained you, and your trust has grown from a little tree into a great Oak tree, deeply rooted in Me.

In this time, My Beloved, I am going to reveal Myself to you as your Deliverer. You will know that it is My Mighty Arm that saves. You will see Me as a Man of War, fighting for those I love. You will understand the extent of My love for the nations when you see the work of My Hands, as I set the nations free from the claws of the enemy. I am giving you a testimony. As the ‘Red Sea’ testimony is still heralded today – and for all eternity – so this testimony will be celebrated from generation to generation. For it will be Biblical in its proportion and magnitude. Be encouraged, My Beloved, knowing that it is My Arm that saves. I am your Warrior-King.

Come close to Me, so that My waves of comfort can flow over you. For I know the weariness and the heartache that you carry. Come and lay your burdens at My feet. Let Me love on you. My yoke is easy and My burden light, I say, ‘Come!’. Take all you need from Me. My river never dries and My breeze is ever fresh. This is a time of gleaning. Provision is made for you and My favour rests upon you. Come and gather what you need from Me.

For all around you, the world is awakening from a deep slumber to wide-opened eyes, seeing what they didn’t see before. Let Me fill you up and give you more than you need, so that you can overflow into the lives of the newly-awakened ones. The power of My Spirit is flowing from you to those surrounding you, bringing comfort, healing, deliverance, and salvation. I am calling My Bride to be a healing balm and voice of hope to the nations. This time of calamity is the catalyst that will break open My glory and light in the nations.

Say not, ‘I’m weak! I’m weary! I’m done!’. I am giving you new life as you drink from Me. My living waters are flowing, they are flowing! Come and jump into My stream. Let Me take you into the new flow of My Spirit where refreshment and comfort abounds. You cannot stand on the banks anymore. Jump on in and abandon all. I am doing a new thing!

I am transforming you, taking you from farmer to warrior! From worker to victor! There is a supernatural transition taking place in the identity of My people. You will no longer be defined by your restrictions and abilities, nor your past or present. For I am defining you afresh by My Spirit’s power and glory at work in you. You will alter the course of history, you will change the lives of those around you as you demonstrate My favour in this time of adversity.

It is your ‘rising and shining’ moment, My Bride. However, it demands supernatural strength which is released in the place of intimacy with Me. It’s in your weakness and weariness that I will show Myself strong. As David sought Me in the midnight hours with tears, supplication, praise and worship… so I am beckoning you to come close to My heart. You are Mine and I am yours, this is the place of refreshment and rest.

I am speaking comfort to your soul and encouragement to your heart, for I am your Deliverer and Comforter. The One who fights for you against your enemies. Be not afraid. Let My strength be made perfect in your weakness, and let hope and faith arise. You are My warrior, My victor. I will fulfil My Word and give you the nations as your inheritance. I am faithful, I will do it.’

Psalm 76

God is well known in the land of Judah. He is famous throughout Israel, making his home in Jerusalem, living here on Mount Zion. That’s where he smashes every weapon of war that comes against him. That’s where he uses the broken arrows as kindling for his mighty bonfire.

Pause in his presence God, you are so resplendent and radiant! Your majesty shines from your everlasting mountain. Nothing could be compared to you in glory! Even the mightiest of men have been paralyzed by your presence. They were so stunned and lifeless, not even the strongest one could lift a hand. When Jacob’s God roared his rebuke, soldiers and their steeds all fell to the ground, stunned and lying still. No wonder you are greatly feared! You are the awe-inspiring God! For who could ever stand before your face when your fierce anger burns and live to tell about it. As the earth itself holds its breath in awe before you, judgment is decreed from heaven.

You arise to punish evil and defend the gentle upon the earth. Pause in his presence You have power to transform man’s futile anger into praise. The fury of your enemies only causes your fame to increase. So you’d better keep every promise you’ve ever made to the Awesome One, Yahweh! Let all people bring their extravagant gifts to him alone. He is famous for breaking the spirit of the powers that be. And the kings of the earth will know him as the Fearsome One!

Psalm 81

Lord, just singing about you makes me strong! So I’ll keep shouting for joy to Jacob’s God, my champion. Let the celebration begin! I will sing with drum accompaniment and with the sweet sound of the harp and guitar strumming. Go ahead! Blow the jubilee trumpet to begin the feast! Blow it before every joyous celebration and festival. For God has given us these seasons of joy, days that the God of Jacob decreed for us to celebrate and rejoice. He has given these feasts to remind us of his triumph over Egypt, when he went out to wage war against them. I heard the message in an unknown tongue as he said to me, “I have removed your backbreaking burdens and have freed your hands from the hard labor and toil. You called out to me in your time of trouble, and I rescued you. I came down from the realm of the secret place of thunder, where mysteries hide. I came down to save you. I tested your hearts at the place where there was no water to drink, the place of your bitter argument with me.”

Pause in his presence “Listen to me, my dear people. For I’m warning you, and you’d better listen well! For I hold something against you. Don’t ever be guilty of worshiping any other god but me. I am your only God, the living God. Wasn’t I the one who broke the strongholds over you and raised you up out of bondage? Open your mouth with a mighty decree; I will fulfill it now, you’ll see! The words that you speak, so shall it be! But my people still wouldn’t listen; my princely people would not yield to me. So I lifted my grace from off of their lives, and I surrendered them to the stubbornness of their hearts. For they were living according to their own selfish fantasies. O that my people would once and for all listen to me and walk faithfully in my footsteps, following my ways. Then and only then will I conquer your every foe and tell every one of them, ‘You must go!’ Those who hate my ways will cringe before me and their punishment will be eternal. But I will feed you with my spiritual bread. You will feast and be satisfied with me, feeding on my revelation-truth like honey dripping from the cliffs of the high place.”

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    Wat n bemoedigende boodskap!! Prys Abba Vader..HY IS SO TOTAAL IN BEHEER!


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