Word of the Lord for the Prophets by Lana Vawser

Prophets of God, stand up and don’t give in to the Spirit of intimidation. You’re moving into a new land of inheritance.

Yesterday as I sat with the Lord I heard Him say “Sound the alarm! A spirit of intimidation is coming against many of My prophets right now. Tell them to continue to stand and not give ear to this spirit of intimidation, but to be encouraged and know that they are now moving into a new land of inheritance.”

The Lord keeps speaking to me about how there is a battle over the prophets right now to “muzzle” them and “silence” in many different ways, but I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying “Now is the time to GET UP ON YOUR FEET AND SPEAK!!!”

For this spirit of intimidation is coming to cause you to cower, to cause you to shrink back and to cause you to bow beneath its taunts and lies. But stand strong prophets of God, hold the stones of the Word of God in your hand and continue to hurl them in faith.

This spirit of intimidation and fear is raising itself up like a Goliath because there is a crossing over taking place right now where you are moving into a new land of inheritance. I heard the Spirit of God whispering “So many things are about to change. So many things are about to change.” and all around me, I could see the “landscape” changing.

There is shifting, a positioning and transition that is taking place over many prophets right now. The Lord is leading you into new places, new opportunities, new realms and new places to decree the Word of the Lord and the enemy knows how the Glory of God is going to be displayed as He moves powerfully through you, so he is attempting to cause you to run into the caves like Elijah.

Do not run! Do not withdraw! Stand! Stand! Stand! For I see the Lord has assigned more angelic hosts with you than ever before. The enemy is whispering his lies of danger and harm, but the Lord is decreeing His protection over you. You are overshadowed by Him as you make Him, the Most High your dwelling place.

The Lord showed me that Psalm 91 is VERY key for the body of Christ right now, but especially the prophets. This spirit of fear and intimidation is doing all it can with its lies and foreboding to see you move from a place of rest and confidence in the Lord to a place of anxiety and fear to hinder your intimacy, cloud your vision and steal your clarity. NO MORE!

In this vision as I saw the landscape change I saw Jesus standing in the midst of this new landscape with a huge smile on His face and He looked at the prophets of His heart and spoke “You shall know My peace, My rest and My empowerment like a tidal wave in this new land of inheritance. For what I am calling you to and positioning you into is bigger than you have imagined and the spirit of intimidation would seek to cause you to withdraw, but I say unto you that GREATER shall the demonstration of My power be through you. Greater shall the demonstration of My goodness, My kindness, and the power of My spoken Word. This spirit of intimidation would seek to keep you hidden, where this is the time where I am positioning you to shine and reflect Me brighter than ever before.”


The Lord showed me that many prophets have been in an intense fire and it is not something to think of as strange. For there have been fires of opposition, but there have also been fires of purification that the Lord is releasing to prepare you for the new land of inheritance that He has for you. It’s a new land of destiny and a new land of partnering with Him and all that is yours in Christ.

The fire has been hot, but in the embracing of the fire of the Lord, there is a DEEP maturing, preparation and strengthening that is taking place within you. The Lord’s heart is for you to flourish in this new land and the Lord has been working deeply in the hearts and souls of His prophets in this season to bring to the surface things that would hinder and you back. The Lord has been inviting the prophets to embrace the fire and allow the Spirit of God to do whatever He needs to do to prepare you for this new land of inheritance. Embrace His fire to purify and prepare you.

The fires of opposition have been turned up 7 times stronger, but the Lord is encouraging you to look NOT at the fires of opposition, but to look at Him. In the fire of opposition, He is strengthening you and deepening your trust in Him and His protection and what He speaks, so you are unaffected by the wind, waves and large flames that surround you. I continue to hear the Spirit of God decreeing over and over “You will NOT be harmed. You will NOT be touched. Stay close to Me and abide in My Word, for the lies of the enemy are poisonous darts sent to attempt to extinguish your faith, hinder your movement and bring confusion upon you. You will NOT withdraw, you will move forward in greater boldness because of the empowerment of My Spirit.”

“At that moment the earth shook beneath them, causing the building they were in to tremble. Each one of them was filled with the Holy Spirit, and they proclaimed the word of God with unrestrained boldness.” – Acts 4:31 (The Passion Translation)

The Lord showed me that in this new era we have entered as the body of Christ, the prophets of God are going to begin moving in the power of the Spirit like Elijah and Elisha. There is going to be a significant increase of the power of God displayed through the prophets and the spoken word of the Lord through them, the decree of God to release CREATIVE miracles, bringing SUDDEN shifts, alignments and breakthroughs – this is WHY the spirit of intimidation is attempting to SILENCE YOU!

I kept hearing the Lord say “My prophets are going to move in greater RESURRECTION power!!!! There will be POWERFUL demonstrations of My RESURRECTION POWER through My prophets in this season. Dry bones, bodies, dry and dead places SUDDENLY coming to life by My resurrection power that is released through the decree that will flow out of the mouths of My prophets. In this new era, I am increasing the display and demonstration of My resurrection power especially through the prophets and this is WHY the spirit of intimidation has come to attempt to silence My prophets and cause them to withdraw and go into hiding in fear, so they do not move further into this place of carrying My resurrection power like never before.”

“But I decree today, that this spirit of intimidation will FLEE as the power of My Spirit comes now upon My prophets and brings a shaking and shakes off the fear, the lies of death, the foreboding, the darkness and infuses them with strength and BOLDNESS.”

“Prophets of My heart, in this new land of inheritance, awaits you a NEW LEVEL of boldness and faith in the POWER of My spoken Word, My protection and My fire. Arise! Arise! Arise and do not fear. For I am with you, I go with you and I go before you. Shake off the fear by the decree of My Word and KNOW that the land of inheritance awaiting you is filled with greater joy in partnering with Me to see My Glory and Kingdom displayed. There have been GREAT PRESSING but My prophets you will now carry NEW WINE and POWER in Me.”

It’s time!!! It’s time for you to ARISE! Stand! Stand! Stand! For a new land of inheritance awaits you and you will be left in awe and wonder of the signs, wonders, miracles and major displays of My power that will manifest at the decree of My heart through your mouth.


“My prophets I am inviting you in the library of heaven to READ and SEE the new blueprint decrees of My heart over cities and nations in this new era. For I will show you with greater accuracy and clarity the decrees of My heart over cities and nations that will set them ALIGHT with the fire of My love and see My Glory and power displayed. For I decree as you seek My heart, seeking not your own agenda, or name in lights, but truly seek to know My heart, I am now releasing greater secrets of blueprint decrees of wisdom and revelation for cities and nations to bring MAJOR transformation by the power of My Spirit. For I am moving those who are seeking My heart, My prophets who are in the secret place to hear My heart into greater increase and manifestation of their governmental authority. The enemy is fighting this, but he will NOT prevail. For I decree that you, My prophets will decree the blueprint decrees over cities and nations that will SUDDENLY expose the works of darkness and bring significant breakthrough, shifts and demonstrations of My truth and glory that will bring MONUMENTAL shifts. It’s time!”

“You are not defeated My prophets, you are victorious in Me and you will see my manifested VICTORY in your lives and through your lives like never before. Don’t give in to this spirit of intimidation, it’s come to steal, but before you are not the lies that this spirit speaks, but LIFE, INCREASE and a MAJOR increase of seeing My power moving through you as you decree My Word!!! STAND!!!!!”

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