Watchman of your street

Watchman of your street

Whilst evildoers crawl and creep
Behind bushes in the street
You are carrying on with life
As if life’s not missed a beat

But all around you, cries are heard
Of young and old alike
Innocent babies, beautiful women
Men whose lives are stripped away

When will this crazy cycle end?
When will our streets be safe again?
The time has come for our battlecry
To pierce and terrify

Will you become the watchman
A mighty soldier dressed in armour?
Who walks upon your bloodstained streets
Pulling down old strongholds
Binding up any open links

Our prayers are meant to activate
Angelic hosts, vast in number
We must surrender our lives afresh
No compromise or walking in the flesh

For Christ has paid the price for all
He’s given us the right to call
Upon His Name in desperate times
He hears us when we call

He sends out armies, winged and tall
Despatched across the earth
Stand and pray upon your street
For your neighbours, great and small

It’s time to wake, my brother and sister
There’s power in His Name
The Sword of Truth will cut the head*
Right off the enemy’s frame

There is a cost
There is a price
Go walk upon your street
Smear olive oil upon your gates
Remind the enemy of his fate

Sing praises that ring out loud and clear
Witness the dread upon his face
War against the enemy hosts
See them scatter all over the place

He’s consumed with fear
Overtaken by terror
When you know the Highest Power
Is alive inside of you

Call forth the Name of Jesus!
Command the enemy to leave
Anoint your street and speak Psalm 91
Over every house in your street

For by the Blood of the Lamb
And the testimony upon your lips
The enemy is defeated
And all his hosts must bow

*This refers to the ‘head’ of the devil, his plots and plans… not the physical head of a criminal. It is a spiritual attack, not a physical one.









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