Understanding the Kingdom of God

Understanding the Kingdom of God is essential to understanding the workings of the Spirit in our current times. Many Christians fail to see their significance and role in partnering with God as He’s establishing His Sheep nations upon the earth.

I am including important teachings regarding the Kingdom of God being established in the last days by Rick Joyner (MorningStar Ministries) and Dr Bill Hamon (Christian International Ministries). Read it prayerfully and study the Word, asking the Holy Spirit to give you understanding, so that you can be an active participator and builder of His Kingdom upon the earth in these exciting times.

Let’s walk in wisdom and understanding, discerning our times, recognizing the Voice of the Spirit and co-labouring effectively with God. This is not the time to get caught up with doctrinal differences and denominational divides, but to unite as God’s people, seeking Him with an intensity to find Him, opening our ears and eyes to behold what He is showing and saying in this hour. 

Read more about Sheep and Goat Nations by Rick Joyner

Read more about The Beginning of the Third and Final Reformation by Dr Bill Hamon

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