The Violent Shaking of South Africa will Birth New Life

I’ve been feeling such a burden for South Africa, and in particular for our people. There is great pressure, great suffering, and a violent shaking happening right now. Many are feeling unsettled, insecure and worried about the future, and highly stressed from the mounting pressures in our nation and in their personal lives.

I would like to share some of the things the Lord has been showing me, as He wants to unveil His Workings, so we can clearly see His Hand in the midst of the shaking, knowing that He is God, and He is in control of our nation even when we feel out of control.

The Lord would say, ‘South Africa, South Africa, you are Mine. Have I not declared it, have I not said it? Am I a God Who speaks lies and falsities? For this is your finest hour, this is your time of birthing. When I bring about the ‘new’, I first cause the ‘old’ to die. Have I not declared that in this time there will be a shaking of everything that can be shaken so that only that which is holy and pure will remain? I am shaking this nation to its core, dismantling and destroying the high places given to the enemy, and breaking her pride. I am bringing this nation to her knees, where she will cry out to Me, alone, for help. When this government finds itself in the dust, humble and prostrate, looking to Me, and locking arms with one another, that’s when I will birth this New Nation.

Be not afraid when you feel the shaking. Let not your heart tremble, but trust in Me. Know that I am God, and no man can stop My Workings. There will be a twin-birth in this nation, made visible in the spiritual and natural realm.

Know that the seed has to die for new life to come forth. The South Africa you’ve known will never be the same again. It’s in the death of the ‘old’ that My Promise of the ‘new’ will be fulfilled.

Have I not said this is an Apostolic nation? For I am shooting out arrows, even now. Arrows of righteousness who have been purged in My Fire. My Fire has been burning on this land in the lives of many, and I have prepared them to ignite the nations, gathering in the harvest across the earth. Do I not create the right climate to bring forth My Purposes? Look beyond the veil and see what I am revealing to My sons and daughters. I am here and I am working on your behalf, South Africa, My Beloved land. Be not afraid when you see neighbours leaving, for I am sending out many in this hour, returning to their roots to build My Kingdom upon the earth.

There will be a remnant who will rebuild the walls of this nation, with the help of other nations. I will send you aid, I will send you help. Your borders will open to new nations, inviting new skills. New people will join you, building a nation that will represent the nations of the earth, creating a new tapestry of colours, dimensions, textures, and shapes not yet seen.

There is a strong Apostolic anointing and gifting upon the Afrikaaner Farmers to build, establish, encourage, and enable. The enemy is strategically targetting them, trying to alienate them, for they have a pivotal role in the rebuilding of this nation. Where before they built for themselves, they will now build for all, and with all – generously and humbly. I will use their ability to create something out of nothing, helping build this nation from its ashes.

South Africa, let My shaking have its full purpose. Let it bring you to your knees where you cry out to Me! Let this government know that I am on the Throne, ruling over this nation. Your humility will bring forth the unity that’s needed to birth this New Nation for My Glory.’

John 12:23,24

23And Jesus answered them, β€œThe hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

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    • Hi Marius, that is so exciting! I see farming communities… with its own church, school, and clinic. Self-sustaining and income-generating. The Lord is going to use the agricultural sector to build South Africa.


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