The Lord is Raising Up a Holy Remnant

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David Wilkerson, God is training a holy remnant

The Lord is raising up a holy remnant, who will be His army in the last days. He is calling forth a praying Bride, who is pure and holy.

Throughout every generation, God has always had a holy remnant who carried His Flame of Truth to the next generation. Jesus Christ, Captain of the Host, is calling forth a people who love Him with a pure heart, willing to follow His Voice on the water as Peter did.

For God is bringing forth a people who are united by His Love, Truth, and Spirit. For many have been separated by doctrine and tradition, but in this hour, God is uniting His Bride, He is bringing the hands, feet, legs, arms and all the body parts together under His Headship. For He alone is the Head of the Church, and His Word alone is the doctrine on which we stand.

For by His Spirit, He will bring revelation where it’s been lost. He will show forth His Power where it’s not been seen. For God is raising up an army that will know their position and receive their strategy from His Spirit. No more will His church seem dead, irrelevant and unnoticed. For God is about to pour out His Spirit in great measure upon those who hunger and thirst after Him.

Are we willing to let go of the old, safe boat, and step into the open space where His Spirit hovers over the waters of faith and trust? Will we walk where we haven’t trodden, will we hear with ears that are open to the Words of the Spirit? 

The Lord is gathering His people from all the corners of the earth. He is bringing them into their appointed positions within His End-time Army. He is aligning us with His Spirit. He is uniting us as His Bride. Pure and holy, walking in His Power, releasing His Presence wherever we are. A People who know and understand His Voice.

2 thoughts on “The Lord is Raising Up a Holy Remnant”

  1. Hallo Kirsten,
    we are from germany, and looked up testifings because the drought in South Africa. so we came to your channel and enjoied your songs, i where very impressed to see you singing from your heard.
    me and my wife enjoied your songs on you tube. thank you .

    • Hi Conny and Horst,

      Thank you for your encouragement. It is so wonderful for me to know that God could use my music to bless you all the way over in Germany! Ich liebe Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz so sehr!
      Please feel free to browse through my songs in my ‘in the works’ album… I update it from time-to-time, adding new songs as I write them.

      Warm regards and God’s blessings,


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