The Lord is My Helper

The Lord is My Helper

The Lord is my Helper at all times
He gives me strength when mine is gone
He turns the hands upon my clock
My seasons change as He calls out their names

For the song of the birds will be heard again
The flutter of the butterfly, painting my sky
The sun will shine its rays of gold
Declaring His Majesty from of old.

For He sits upon His Mighty Throne
His Voice, the sound of many waters
His Face emitting the brightest light
His Eyes deep pools of infinite love

‘Come My Lovely, Sweetest One.
Come hear My Sound in My Living Streams.
For I am flowing, ever-flowing, peace beyond your wildest dreams.
Come and see My Face, My Love. Catch My Fire, it is free.
Will you lock your gaze on Me, receive the sparks that fly from Me?
Dive into My pools of Love, where you’ll never say, ‘I’ve had enough’.

For I am always here for you.
‘More than enough’, is what I am to you.
Come to Me, My Precious One.
Receive from Me, the very Essence of Me.

For what you face, is like a crumb.
Through My gaze, you have overcome.
Fear is nowhere to be seen
When you are right here with Me.

This is the day of your exchange.
The seasons are shifting, the tables are turning.
This is the day of your rejoicing.
Your new day has come, the old is gone.

Look at Me. What do you see?
Behold and see… it is Me, it is Me!

I speak and creation surrenders – I decree, and so it is.
I ride upon the highest clouds – My Breath is in the wind.
Know and understand – I Am, the Great I Am.
And you are Mine, My Beloved Bride…
Forever, you are Mine.’


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