The Lord is Coming with Chariots of Fire!

For at least a week now I have been hearing a loud rumbling sound in my spirit, and keep seeing large wooden wheels riding violently over a rocky dirt road.

Asking the Lord what that meant, I heard Him say, ‘I am coming with My Chariots of Fire, riding through the Heavens, descending on the earth! For I am coming to violently invade your atmosphere, causing a shaking and a trembling upon the soil of this land. For this is a shaking that comes from My Presence, My Power, and My Glory as My People Call upon My Name!

For I am coming to rebuke and remove with My Fire that which is set up against My Holiness. I am coming to dismantle and disempower the high places that have been built by men’s hands – guilty of shame, stained by sin. Just as I intervened and caused confusion during the Tower of Babel’s construction, so I will intervene and stop the work of guilty men determined to build that which I do not bless.

I have searched the earth, looking for men and women who are humble, God-fearing, and honourable, for those are the ones I’m raising up to rebuild this nation. A people who will reinstate My Order in this house. A people whom I trust with My Nation. For this nation is MINE.

Behold, My Bride, hear the sound of My Wheels descending from on High. I am coming in Glory, I am coming in Power, I am coming in Fury! For the enemy will scatter, his plans will be confused, as I invade this nation, dismantling, and reinstating My New Order!

Isaiah 66:1,2,15

1This is what the LORD says:
“Heaven is My throne,
earth is My footstool.
What kind of house will you build for Me?
Or where will My place of repose be?
2Has not My hand made all these things?
And so they came into being,
declares the LORD.
This is the one I will esteem:
he who is humble and contrite in spirit,
who trembles at My word.

15For behold, the LORD will come with fire—
His chariots are like the whirlwind—
to execute His anger with fury
and His rebuke with flames of fire.

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