The Fragrance of Mothers

The Fragrance of Mothers
by Kirsten Rossiter

Mothers leave a fragrance that lingers on
When she’s gone, it still carries on
With a heart made strong
A smile and a song
She goes about her days
Working as she prays

For this mother is like no other
She trusts when others faint
She stops, waiting to hear
For her wisdom and instruction comes not from here

She moves by peace and speaks by faith
She sees beyond realities of this place
Her words uplift, encourage and praise
Everyone who enters into her space

This world is connected and held together
By mothers who fear God and love as He loves
She understands her position to influence andĀ impart
That which will outlive her and her past

She sees generations of children who know
Who they are, how they’re loved and where they will go
For they have been sharpened and shaped and prepared
As arrows in the Hands of the Maker they now know

Out He will shoot them, far they will go
Even though they seem insignificant and small
They have the power to change this great ball
For with each fall, the fire will spread until all is red
For His glory and His power will be seen by all

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