South Africa

South Africa –
Your beauty is a story
Of colour and texture
Of courage and honour
We remember the ones who fought for you
For freedom and for future
Let us never forget the tears and blood
They poured out for you

One man of honour
Madiba our father
Saw a vision that kept him
From hopeless despair
He saw a land of liberty
Where everyone is free
A land of unity
He saw you and me

Building side by side
A nation of great price
For your children and mine
And theirs to come
Let’s honour this man
No more words, but deeds
He wasn’t a god, only a man

So you too can be a man like he
And take up your place
In this continuing race
Working side by side
And face to face
Let’s open our eyes
And see what he saw

A nation of one
Heart and one mind
Whose vision stretches
Far beyond time
No more complaints
No more asking for change
Wé are the change
You and I

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