Revival Spirit


As we seek the Lord with hungry and thirsty hearts, He is going to shower His Revival Spirit upon us, His Wind, and His Fire! His Spirit is hovering over the earth, looking for sons and daughters who cry out, ‘More of You, Lord! More of You!’

I share this song with you, in the hope that you can learn it, share it, and play it in your own worship bands or at home.

Revival Spirit
© Kirsten Rossiter 2000

We are Your People, hungry after You
We are Your Church, needing more of You

We are Your People, thirsty after You
We are Your Church, desiring more of You

Shower down from Heaven
Pour on us Your Rain
Blow through us
With Your Spirit once again

Fall on us Revival Spirit
Fall on us, we pray
Fall on us, we need You
To fall on us this day

Download or print the song sheet here.

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