Resources: Prophetic and Apostolic Ministry

If you desire to understand the prophetic ministry and grow in your prophetic gifting; and understand the workings of the Spirit within the Body of Christ from past to present, learning about the restoration of Spiritual Truth and the coming move of God, I would highly recommend these resources from Dr. Bill Hamon and Graham Cooke.

We are a prophetic Bride, called to intimately understand and walk with God, expressing and declaring His heart to our generation.

Dr. Bill Hamon

About Dr. Bill Hamon

Dr. Bill Hamon has incredible wisdom and understanding of the Apostolic and Prophetic ministries of the Church. He explains and teaches the importance and relevance of the restoration of Spiritual Truth for the Body of Christ, recognizing the various moves of God from past to present, and that which the Church is still awaiting.


Graham Cooke

About Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke has a real gift in unlocking the heart of God. He connects very intimately with God, and helps us to walk closer with God, able to hear Him clearer and walk in our prophetic gifting.


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