Prophetic Word for SA by André Bronkhorst

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I was very excited to hear this Word from the Lord for SA through André Bronkhorst from Prophetic Life today! It is such a confirmation of the very same things that God has been showing me over the last while.

South Africa is going to have a total turn-around… she is going to go from being one of the unsafest countries to the safest one in the world. God is doing a new thing, He is encouraging us with His Promises, and He is calling us to a place of faith, trust, expectation, and collaboration.

Nothing is too hard for Him. He only requires a pure remnant who will cry out to Him for their people and their land, declaring His Will over her, knowing that He is the One Who will deliver, save and establish her by His Power, His Might, and for His Glory!

Bride of Christ, this is your moment to catch the vision from Heaven. Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. Hear and obey. Choose faith and lay your fears at the Cross of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

He is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Let Him be God, partner with Him, and witness His Miraculous Power moving the mountains before us! Let Him birth this nation by His Spirit as you choose to trust and co-labour with Him during these very exciting times. 

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  1. Read Ps 37, 1-11 , 34-36. 2 Chron, 20, 15. G.d is faithfull and will deliver us from this evil dispensation. I have been living by Faith in these Scriptures, G.d’s revealed Will for my life , since 1981.


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