Prophecy by Chuck Pierce – This is a Day of Movement!

“I am shifting your emotional center. The enemy has tried to cement you in one place, but you’re trying to break out with your head. This is a day of movement! Don’t move with your head. Instead, let your spirit rise up. Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit! The cement around your shins will break forth and you’ll find yourself re-placed, in the place I have for you.

“There is a fear of loss from the last season that I am lifting from you. Let the fear of loss leave you. Let last season’s losses stay behind. The fear of loss is coming out of the garment of My people.

“Quit hanging tightly to the manna of your past. Manna will not bring you into your future. Let go of that manna! Let go of that manna! I am orchestrating a letting go of your past so you can grab hold of what will feed you in days ahead.

“I am dealing with the witch’s chants that you are hearing. There is the sound of hexes and vexes in the air, but this is not an hour to come into agreement with that sound. My people are resetting the atmosphere! This will be an hour when your sound will begin to rise over the confusion and the murmuring of the enemy.

“This is an hour you will begin to say, ‘This is the path where we will follow! This is the path where we will see our provision! This is the path on which we will see our enlightenment!’ Let your sound begin to arise in new ways, for the sound of My camp is greater than the sound of the enemy.

“You have been satisfied by laboring by the sweat of your brow, but I am causing you to cross over into a new place. You will no longer labor under the sweat of your brow, but I will cause you to eat of what you did not plant and to drink of what you did not dig.

“This is a new time for you to cross into the blessings like you have never seen before. Let go of all last season’s striving and the struggle to get ahead. I have a fresh wind that shall blow you into the new place and the provision of the Lord. This is the day that blessings shall begin to overtake you in a new way.

My Kingdom-in-Motion Ambassadors

“For My Kingdom is not of this world. I am looking for those I have called ‘the Kingdom in motion.’ This is an hour that My appointed Kingdom-in-motion ambassadors must begin to move with the unction, acceleration, and evolving portion of Kingdom that I’ve called for. My Kingdom is not of this world! Become the Kingdom in motion. Demonstrate with the new level of power I have called forth in this season.

“I am realigning Kingdoms! You will reign with ME! Be not afraid, for it’s not by power and not by might, but it’s by My Spirit that your feet will pick up the pattern and pick up the unction! I am calling for intercession and worship to become one, as it is around My Throne. You will see the acceleration of Kingdom that I have called for in this hour. All seven continents will feel My movement and come up in line and order. Coastal islands: come up into a place that I have called ‘Kingdom-in-motion’ for this season!

“This is the beginning of the great day of the Lord! You will feel the anointing when someone is simply standing near you, and you will be releasing anointing all around you! This is the beginning of the great day of the Lord because I am with you, and I am releasing!

“There will be times of economic upheaval coming, and the manna you’ve depended on that’s been there every day is not going to be there anymore. You have to make a Kingdom mind-shift, and shift out of what has been dependable and into the unexpected.

“You must see your opportunities. You must see the creativity. You must see supply in a new way because times of economic upheaval and change are coming. You are not to be led by fear amidst the upheaval, but you are to be led by faith. I have already prepared the provision you need to keep moving forward.

“I am changing your longings and appetites to change your sound. There is a sound that brings victory and a sound that brings increase. However, if you continue to long for the familiar, then you will never come to the new place of the sound. Don’t be surprised when you experience a holy discontent since He is causing you to look for the new, and the new sound.

Tell the Atmosphere to MOVE

“The storm that encompasses you will create the wind for your future. Tell what is stalled out to move on. I am shifting you now, and this is the way you are starting to commune with Me, until you find yourself crossed into a new place.

“There are two ways you can go: you can either tell the atmosphere that is stalled above you to move, or you can move. You are in a new season and it’s time for the resistance to be pushed out because you are advancing. Too many agree with the voice of resistance and empower it. But this is an hour My people are breaking agreement with every report that is not of Me. So move forward into what I have for you! 

“I am blinding you to the order of captivity you have been in this past season. I am revealing how your creativity was captured, so your future can be unlocked. Don’t let an old order hold you in captivity and miss the creativity that is necessary for your breakout.” (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

(Prophetic words spoken by: Chuck D. Pierce, Maggie Wallace, LeAnn Squier, Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Barbara Wentroble, Melinda Richardson, Anne Tate, Linda Heidler, Kerry Hansher, Bob McGregor.)

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