On a personal note – expansion time!

I started this blog in 2016 when I needed a platform to showcase my music. However, little did I know at the time, that this blog was the beginning of my book-writing journey.

I started this blog in 2016 when I needed a platform to showcase my music. However, little did I know at the time, that this blog was the beginning of my book-writing journey. In 2018 the Lord started giving me prophetic downloads in my sleep and throughout the day. I kept a prophetic journal with me at all times, as I knew I had to pen it down the moment I received it so it wouldn’t be lost.

These notes became weightier and God started to connect the various dots for me. At first, I thought of turning it into a 40-page booklet, however, once I started organising my notes and typed it into my document, I realised that I had begun a writing project that was much bigger than what I had initially anticipated.

With the help of David Mcdonald Ministries and Sela, I was able to turn my manuscript into a printed, self-published book. When we are faithful to do what God has called us, He brings others alongside us to help realise it. I couldn’t have done it without them!

I now find myself stretched and expanded in my ministry, as I’ve entered a new territory as an author. I am very grateful for this opportunity, which came about without any striving or toilsome effort on my part! I love writing blogs which are small nuggets of truth to digest and meditate on, however, I really enjoyed bringing various threads of thought, revelation, inspiration and ideas together into an holistic work.

I am also sharing prophetic words on Youtube, so please subscribe to my channel. This year, I will be focussing more on engaging in public ministry and worship leading on invitation. 2022 is a year of ‘release’! So I am transitioning from ‘behind the screen’ ministry to ‘real-time in-your-face ministry’… which I absolutely love. For me it’s all about God and people, and being real and authentic as I humbly share and minister His truth and presence to His beloved.

I want to thank each of you for reading my blog and supporting my ministry. It gives me great joy to share the Word of the Lord, and know it is being received. May you, also, be expanded in this year, and grow into new spaces and places for His glory. We are so deeply loved and precious to our Lord, and He has such a perfect plan for each one of us. What an honour to be part of His Bride who builds His Kingdom upon the earth at a time such as this.

When the earth shakes, we stand! When the people fear and cry, we boldly declare, ‘Our God reigns!’. Never has the church been in such a pivotal and history-making place like this. We are His trumpets! Let His sound be heard through your voice, and let His work be built through your hands.

I would encourage you to buy my book, ‘Building the Nations from the Ground Up’. It will encourage, inspire and propel you forward. It will unlock new ideas and help you understand your unique role in building the nations in this era.

The Lord has given me many prophetic praise & worship songs over the years for this time, which He wants me to release. If you’d like me to do a worship event with your church band members, to usher in ‘Fresh Fire’ for this season, please contact me. I’m also available to do book events, where I share about my book and connect with people. If you would like to host a book event, 20 % of all sales go to the host, plus a free copy. Pop me a mail, if you’re interested in either of the events.

Lots of love and blessings,

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  1. Kingdom living is vital to being part of what the Lord is doing now. Your book is insightful, prophetic, inspiring and motivating. A book for such a time as this. Congratulations and well done on stepping out into the unknown in total faith to bring forth the truths the Lord has revealed to you in such a easy to understand way,


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