New book release: Building the nations from the ground up!

God has such a good sense of humour! It’s hard to see the purpose of our storm when we’re in the thick of it. However, when we come out, we start to see the fruit that started to grow inside of us, together with the fortitude and endurance that only such a heat could produce.

God has such a good sense of humour! It’s hard to see the purpose of our storm when we’re in the thick of it. However, when we come out, we start to see the fruit that started to grow inside of us, together with the fortitude and endurance that only such a heat could produce.

One of those really bigger-than-life storms prepared me for downloads and revelations from Heaven that I started scribbling down in diaries over two years. The Lord showed me many pictures that I drew and studied, keywords and phrases that I recorded. The more I looked at my notes, the more the Lord connected the dots and unveiled His strategies for building the nations from the ground up.

Little did I know, this was the beginning of my first book. It is with deep gratitude and joy that I can announce the soon launch and release of my book, ‘Building the nations from the ground up’. If you are in Cape Town, and would like to attend the launch, please pop me a mail asap as numbers are limited. It will be in Cape Town on the 26th of February from 10 am – 12 pm. Copies will be sold at the event, and will also become available on my website in March.

A few glimpses from my book:

Back cover:

In the natural we see a shaking in the nations as we’ve never seen before. The role of the Ekklesia is at the centre of everything unfolding before our eyes. Where does she fall on history’s timeline? What is her call, and how will she fulfil her purpose and destiny to bring world reformation and transformation in these last days? Find out about the pitfalls and gain insight into the prophetic strategy and blueprints needed for this time.

A new breed of prophetic-apostolic leaders is arising in this hour who will lead the nations out of slavery into freedom. Find out how you can become a catalyst of change as you partner with the Holy Spirit, bringing Heaven to earth wherever you are. There is a breaking of the old and a birthing of the new.

See the dots of the spiritual connect with the natural, propelling you upward and forward into your high calling in Christ. Let the eyes of your understanding be opened as these pages uncover and unveil new shades, facets, angles, and perspectives necessary to build the Kingdom of God within the nations; and, find out how your unique life fits into His bigger picture.The world has never been more ready than it is now… to be built from the ground up!


Building the Nations from the Ground Up!! This book is truly a revelational treasure. It’s not only a book to read but a great study resource for any apostolic-prophetic leader who is interested in global reformation and transformation.I love the depth that Kirsten takes to open up the realms of opportunities and revelation as well as how she articulates the pitfalls and resistance the Ekklesia can face when pursuing the supernatural.

I also love the beautiful way she illustrates both the Bride’s position and the importance that she knows her position and inheritance, which ultimately produces authority.Building the Nations from the Ground Up is a must-read for the Church to gain influence and insight in our end-time assignment. Kirsten’s writings will help us navigate our visions, plans, and dreams to become realities.

Well done, Kirsten, for showing clearly what an Ekklesia looks like that knows her authority and positioning in today’s governmentally charged climate. I’m deeply impacted and convicted by this book to look up and climb higher, knowing we are the catalyst that must bring change to our God-given assignment ‒ earth!!!

~Apostle David McDonaldHIM Global Apostle North Palm GlobalDavid McDonald Ministries International

I love the way Kirsten has woven her prophetic words into the flow of the book as she touches on the key paradigm shift we need to walk in as the Ekklesia. When the foundations of apostolic and prophetic giftings work together in humility, we will see exponential expansion of the kingdom.

Kirsten got my attention when she delved into the concept of ecosystems and the power that artisan skill carries for the body of Christ!
This new era the church finds itself in is a time of rejuvenating their wineskins to be ready to receive the new wine being poured out. Every challenge is an opportunity. The world is facing many challenges, and we as the Ecclesia have the opportunity of modeling solutions. Let’s arise as one!!!

~Sheldon Kidwell
Senior Pastor, Bay City Church, Muizenberg, SA

I loved reading this exceptional book from start to finish. I am passionate about global transformation and reformation, and this is a must-read for every leader that is called to bring reform and has a heart for nations.

Kirsten shares with clarity and depth the fresh revelation God has given her about the role of the Ekklesia to establish His kingdom governance on earth. She gives insight into how the 5-Fold should operate on all 7 mountains of culture and how important it is for the Bride to move in her authority and gain influence in this hour – from the ground up.

The end time Bride that moves in His presence and power will be unstoppable to fight the Goliaths of the day, recovering that which was lost and rebuilding that which was destroyed. She will be innovative and creative, having solutions and conquering unchartered territory! I am inspired and impacted to press deeper into His presence to become part of an end time Bride that is sold out to His purposes for the earth.

~Dr Irma Simpson
H20 Ministries International Company of Prophets South Africa Streams Training Centre South Africa

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