27 June 2017

My Testimony

My Testimony

I came to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour in a somewhat unusual way. Being members of the more traditional Dutch Reformed Church, I believed in Jesus but didn’t walk with Him. He wasn’t real to me, and I wasn’t born-again. Three months after my mom’s radical conversion to Christianity, I was taken to her ‘new’ church, a Pentecostal church half-an-hour away from our home. On our way to church, I made it clear that I wouldn’t be joining her and my sister to their ‘new weird church’, but would rather be dropped off at my Dutch-Reformed Church. This she completely ignored, and off to the ‘weird church’ we went!

I was literally pulled out of the car by my arm and dragged into the church. Of all the rows available, we had to sit in the second row from the front. Misery and moodiness were all over my face.

But the moment the music started, I was awestruck. I couldn’t believe the freedom, the joy, and the rhythm… I was especially taken by the drums! In my church, we only had an organ. It didn’t take much convincing for me to return again for the evening service. That was the night my life changed forever. As the minister spoke the salvation message, I knew that I needed to ask Christ into my life. I was ready.

Even though I was only ten years old, I took my faith very seriously. I studied the Bible, underlined everything of importance… which was absolutely everything! During my teenage years, I was very privileged to be part of an amazing church, The Lighthouse Christian Centre, and their youth group, Jesus for the Youth. It was at this time that I encountered the Holy Spirit, the love of God and His Power. Our youth leader, Kobus Theron, was radical for Christ and raised up a young people who prayed, fasted and sought God with all their hearts. We went away several times on youth camps, where God really met with us. He baptized us with His Holy Spirit, there were times we had to be carried back to our beds as we were too drunk in the Spirit to even walk. I remember laughing and crying, for what seemed to be hours, as the waves of His Glory and Love washed over me. One night, the Wind of His Spirit blew loudly through the trees that encircled us, there was not one young person standing… we were all on our knees, from the fear of the Lord. The clouds above us turned into shapes – one of a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit; and a hand, which was the emblem of our youth group.

I needed no convincing that God was real, that He loved me, and that my life was His, completely.

In the months before my conversion, my parents separated and eventually divorced. My faith in God carried me in the years that followed. I came to know God as my Father, in a very real way. He comforted me when I felt broken, He poured His love upon me when I felt deep rejection. My mom, not having previous experience in business and finance, ended up taking business risks, which caused her to lose everything we had.

Even though we didn’t have much money, and kept moving from house to house every year, I was surprisingly settled and secure. My mom’s faith was the thing that kept us all together. She never complained, never moaned, never spoke words of fear or doubt, never blamed God for any of our hardships… her bedroom floor and walls were always covered with Scriptures which she memorized and stood on, by faith. Even though she’s had a challenging life, I can really see how God has always looked after her and cared for her.

For me, growing up without my dad around was very painful. I felt a very deep sense of rejection and longed for a relationship that wasn’t there. However, God, in His faithfulness and abundant Grace, placed people around me who loved me, mentored me, and pointed me to Him, as the One Who loves me beyond measure.

These wounds were the trenches God dug to give me a compassion and love for people… all people. Our identity and value get formed by our father-child relationship. I found Father God at a pivotal moment in my life, and He secured my identity and value in Him, His love, and adoration of me. I heard Him speak to me, and as I grew older, I started recognizing His Voice more and more.

I was always very careful and cautious of the prophetic, as I witnessed people close to me operate in a judgmental and critical spirit, which they claimed was prophetic. I knew from a young age, that God’s Heart was love, and any Word given, will always reflect His Heart and Character of Love and Grace. It was only much later, in my twenties, that I started recognizing His prophetic gift in my own life… and in some ways, I was quite surprised by it, as I had all the reasons in the world to shun this gift.

I loved music since I can remember. I was very blessed by being given the opportunity to take Classical Piano since Grade 1. Eventually, I had a private teacher, Minnie Swart, whom God placed in my life for a very special reason. She was an incredible teacher, who believed in me, recognized God’s Gift and Call on my life, and prayed me through the times I wanted to give up on my music. Minnie and my mother teamed up against me in prayer and defiance, when I decided piano was ‘uncool’ at the age of 13! I completed and passed my Grade 8 in Classical Piano through The Royal Schools of Music at the age of 18, under her tutoring. Minnie was the one person who impacted my musical journey the most. I honour her as a spiritual mother and musical mentor.

One of the many benefits and blessings of being at The Lighthouse Christian Centre was that there was a lot of opportunity to use my musical gift in the youth and church bands. I was surrounded by pianists and musicians, much better than me. I was exposed to Jazz and improvisation and learned huge amounts by just watching and listening. By the age of sixteen, I was playing in front of thousands of people, unafraid and undaunted.

When I finished school, I moved in with my dad for the first time since their divorce. I was living closer to another church, His People Christian Church, and started going there. It was a dynamic, young church with solid teaching. Pastor Paul Daniel, a gifted and anointed teacher, was the founder of His People, and the author of the His People Bible School Curriculum, which I completed over two years, whilst studying Graphic Design. His People was a fast-growing church, with a vision for the nations. Its focus was planting churches and Bible schools around the globe, with one leg on campus/university, and one in the community. I completed the His People Christian Music School Course and continued playing and singing in their bands.

When I finished my 2-year Graphic Design Diploma Course from Art Director’s Workshop, I decided to spread my wings and fly to England in the search of my first job. I made contact with the His People Church in London and made that my home-base in the UK. Coming from my background, I found it easy to jump into the unknown and just trust God. During this trip, I started hearing God with great clarity and learned to trust His Voice one-step-at-a-time.

I found a job, against all odds, which was really a miracle. Three weeks went by, where I diligently looked for work without any success, I even had an agency laugh in my face, saying, ‘you’ll never get a job anywhere in the UK’. I told God that I was going to phone only one company… I’ll blindly pick a company out of the Yellow Pages, and if they don’t give me a job, I’m going back to SA! I trusted Him for a job in my field, and was not prepared to waste time doing odd jobs.

Indeed, the first and only company I called, ended up giving me a job. I offered to work for free for a few weeks, just for the experience, but after the third week, they employed me. They bought an extra computer the week before I phoned them, and God increased their business during the time that I started there. They ended up needing me as much as I needed them!

During my twenties, I had many experiences like the UK one. I moved between South Africa and Europe several times, ministering in church bands wherever I went. I spent some time in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Scotland. I traveled to some of the most exclusive places in the world – St. Moritz, Lugano, Salzburg… without having much money. God always provided for me with what I needed at every point of my journey.

With every trip I took, God prepared me in advance. He would speak to me about the month, the place, details about the trip, before anything materialized in the natural. I learned to walk by faith, listening to His Voice, and being patient to see Him bring about what He had promised.

During one of my travels, I joined a South African Christian Band on a ministry trip to Sweden and Germany. Of all my trips abroad, this was my hardest. I found myself unable to sleep many nights, from anxiety and fear, due to their harsh and insensitive leadership-style. However, it was in these long nights, that God birthed new songs in me… this was the start of my songwriting journey!

During my travels, God exposed me to some well-respected, mature prophets. Dr. Bill Smith (USA), Ray Martelle (Canada), Cathryn Brown (Scotland) and The Oral Roberts Music Ministry Team (USA) ministered to me prophetically, and during these times God made His Call very clearly known to me. The Words He gave me, were all confirmed by the various prophets, without them knowing anything about me or each other’s prophecies. God gave me a Prophetic Word in South Africa and Switzerland, that was word-for-word the same. That means it is already established!

Upon my last return, I met my wonderful husband, Warren Rossiter, in SA. The rest is history! Today, we have four beautiful children, whom I homeschool. God has blessed me with a very happy marriage and family life, and a husband whose love has brought much healing to my heart. We are journeying on, continually seeking Him, laying our lives before Him, committed to obedience to His Call, as individuals, a couple, and a family.

In Cape Town, we have been fellowshipping at Word of Life Christian Church for many years. Lionel and Rose Roode is a prophetic/apostolic team, who have a mandate from Heaven to mentor the Bride in the area of the prophetic and to release them into their Call. God has brought many in and out of their doors for refreshment, impartation, and mobilization.

Coming out of the baby-stage, has given me more time and freedom to explore my gifting again. It gives me great joy to write, record and share my music with you, may it touch you where you need it most. Writing and teaching come naturally to me, hence the birth of my blog. I scatter seeds of hope, encouragement, faith, and love, with every letter I type.

They’re for you…

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  1. Anne Meyer

    Dear Kirsten
    I am so happy to see how God is using you! I love your music and style. Keep up the great work! I am so proud of you! Would love to meet up and chat sometime. Hope you remember me fro HP – the crazy kid that also played and led worship. Please send my love to your mom and sister!

    Love Anne

    1. Hi there Anne!
      So nice to hear from you! Of course I remember you… we’ve come all the way from the Lighthouse days 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. It will be lovely to meet up sometime, perhaps you can send me your phone number through my website’s contact page?
      Lots of love x

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