My testimony

Coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of ten, carried me through my teens. I discovered and encountered the unconditional and powerful Love of God, and how much He valued and prized me as His own.

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour at the age of ten. My mom, who was going through a traumatic divorce at the time, had a radical conversion three months prior to my salvation. Normally I wouldn’t condone forcing a child into doing something they absolutely refuse, but in my case, her stubborn defiance to take me to her new church against my will, paid off.

Dragged into church and made to sit in the second row from the front was not what I had in mind for a Sunday morning. I would much rather have preferred my boring traditional Sunday School. With arms folded and a scowled face, the message was clear: ‘I don’t want to be here!’

However, once the worship started, the Holy Spirit started working in my heart, and by the evening service I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. That was the beginning of my new life in Christ.

I came to know God as my Father in a very real way. My tears and brokenness from the rejection and abandonment I felt from my natural father pushed me closer to Father God. I felt His comfort and His Holy Spirit ministered supernatural healing to my soul during my teens. I had many Divine Encounters with the Holy Spirit, especially during Youth Camps.

From a very young age, I knew the Lord’s Hand was upon me, that He had called and separated me unto Himself, and the work of the Kingdom. During my teens, I was actively involved in worship bands and the youth at the Lighthouse Christian Centre, and during my twenties, at His People Christian Church, now known as Every Nation

I completed my Grade 8 in Classical Piano (Royal Schools of Music) and obtained a 2-Year Diploma in Graphic Design (Art Director’s Workshop, Cape Town), and Bible School (His People Bible School, Cape Town/London).

My travels (UK, Europe, Scandinavia), ranging from several months to a year at a time, formed a big part of my life during my twenties, during which time I served in local churches abroad through worship. The Lord used these trips as teaching tools, tuning my ears to His Voice and growing my spiritual muscles as I courageously stepped out at His instruction. It was a time of great adventures with the Holy Spirit, seeing Him touch people through my obedience, wherever I went.

The Lord laid the nations on my heart during this time. He confirmed His Call on my life through many well-respected international prophets that ministered to me. (Pst. Ray Martelle – Canada, Dr Bill Smith – USA, The Oral Roberts Worship Team – USA, Cathryn Browne – Scotland). The year 2000 was a significant year for me. This was the year that the Lord’s Voice started trumpeting out His Plans and Purposes over my life as a prophet to the nations, for the healing of the nations, and it was the year that marked the beginning of my songwriting journey.

I started devouring books on the Prophetic and Apostolic, Church History and Revelational Truths. (Rick Joyner, Dr Bill Hamon, Graham Cooke). I studied the Word, and sought understanding of the times.

I embarked on my greatest adventure when I married my husband, Warren, in 2002. A greater level of healing and restoration began, and the Lord started levelling the ground in my life. He brought stability and maturity as we built our own family. We have four beautiful children, of which two have been homeschooled through their primary years, and two are still busy with it, enjoying the many freedoms and joys that come with that lifestyle of innovative free-play and unstructured time. We reside in Cape Town, South Africa.

As my ministry partner, Warren supports and covers me through prayer, counsel and wisdom, keeping my feet on solid ground when my visionary side needs a landing place. As web designer, he has built and manages this beautiful site to make this online ministry possible. Together, we operate as a prophetic/apostolic team in the church and market-place, where our differences compliment as two sides to an arrow in the Hands of our King. 

My parents-in-law, Di and Graeme Rossiter, have been God’s gift of blessing and restoration in my life through their unconditional love, support, and kindness. I trust their counsel and advice, honouring them as spiritual parents and true friends. What I have lacked as a daughter in my childhood, God has given me abundantly more in my adult years.

The Lord has surrounded me with a handful of mature, godly women, whom I run alongside as daughter, sister, and friend. I make myself accountable to them, in character and call.

Word of Life Christian Church (Fish Hoek) has been our spiritual home since 2005, under the leadership of the late Dr. Lionel, and Prophet Rose Roode. Here I have received prophetic impartation and mentoring over the years, and the opportunity to grow in my prophetic gifting and calling.

The Bay Church (Muizenberg) has become our new spiritual home since the end of 2020, under the leadership of Pastor Sheldon Kidwell. He is my apostolic oversight and covering in South Africa, and through relationship, I make myself accountable and teachable to grow and mature within the local church.

The Lord has led me to start this website in 2016 as a platform to share my music and Prophetic Words. It has been a joy to release that which I hear from Heaven, to encourage and impart the things of the Spirit to the Bride in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world.

We are living in exciting times, it is an honour to be part of His Bigger Picture as we’re making history right now. The Lord is doing a new thing, and it is with humility, dependability, and faithful stewarding, that I write and share the Voice of the Lord. May it be a blessing to you.

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