My Irresistible End-Time Bride

The book of ‘Song of Songs’ is a prophetic poetic love story of the End-Time Bride and our Bridegroom. It is a ‘now’ book to read and meditate upon… as it carries the living waters of His indescribable passion and adoration of each one of us, individually and corporately.

The book of ‘Song of Songs’ is a prophetic poetic love story of the End-Time Bride and our Bridegroom. It is a ‘now’ book to read and meditate upon… as it carries the living waters of His indescribable passion and adoration of each one of us, individually and corporately. When we read it, over and over, it starts to flow like healing waters over every part of our souls. It has the power to set aflame the tiniest sparks, and nourish our every dry parts.

Our deep, pure devotion for our King makes us completely irresistible to Him. We have awakened to a new day where His light and glory is ever-present, tangible and visible. The dry patch of ground we’re standing on is about to burst with green and spread into a wide radius as far as the eye can see. Grass-covered meadows, covered with the loveliest fragrant blossoms. Life exploding all around… from the ground right up into the sky.

The Lord has been showing me a picture of trees planted far apart on an endless landscape of luscious green. He is saying,

‘My child, I am lifting you out of the small patch you’ve known. The space so limited and restricted that no more growth would be possible. You have been feeling pressed and uncomfortable, for what I’ve prepared you for, requires much more room and space – below and above the ground. I’m lifting you and am planting you in a wide, open space of endless opportunity and possibilities. For I am opening up the spaces and places, previously out of your reach. I am repositioning and replanting My oaks of righteousness, spaciously apart so that you can grow wide and tall on your own new land, without pushing into each other for lack of space.

I am bringing changes to the way you will work and build, those you needed in the last season, you won’t be needing in the same way in this season, and the methods of working will change. There’s an upgrade in responsibility and stewardship, and I am bringing my warrior-brides into new positions of authority and honour. My beautiful bride, I am promoting you into the high places with Me. Your staying-power is in My loving embrace.

This new era is an era of intimacy. Everything will flow from our passion for one another. It is the era of Divine Love and Constant Dialogue as we run together, just you and Me. I am pursuing and wooing you into new landscapes, sunrises and sunsets where you will know how irresistible you are to Me. You will discover the place of constant celebration as you have not known nor imagined before.

For truly, you will say, ‘The Lord, our God, it is He who has brought me this way. It is His kindness and goodness that have unleashed these new songs of praise and sounds of laughter from deep within. His love is my celebration feast, night and day.’

Prepare your heart, and allow it to leap. For the heaviness of the last season can be left at My feet. I am bringing new life, and it will be in abundant measure. You are the treasure of My heart, the one I am dancing and singing over. Everything is about to change – your landscape will declare My glory, splendour, favour, beauty, fragrance, abundance, grace, mercy and endless love.’

Song of Songs 6:4-12

The Bridegroom-King

O my beloved, you are lovely. When I see you in your beauty, I see a radiant city where we will dwell as one. More pleasing than any pleasure, more delightful than any delight, you have ravished my heart, stealing away my strength to resist you. Even hosts of angels stand in awe of you.
Turn your eyes from me; I can’t take it anymore! I can’t resist the passion of these eyes that I adore. Overpowered by a glance, my ravished heart—undone. Held captive by your love, I am truly overcome! For your undying devotion to me is the most yielded sacrifice.
The shining of your spirit shows how you have taken my truth to become balanced and complete.
Your beautiful blushing cheeks reveal how real your passion is for me, even hidden behind your veil of humility.
I could have chosen any from among the vast multitude of royal ones who follow me.
But unique is my beloved dove—unrivaled in beauty, without equal, beyond compare, the perfect one, the favorite one. Others see your beauty and sing of your joy. Brides and queens chant your praise: “How blessed is she!”
Look at you now— arising as the dayspring of the dawn, fair as the shining moon, bright and brilliant as the sun in all its strength— astonishing to behold as a majestic army waving banners of victory.

The Shulamite Bride

I decided to go down to the valley streams where the orchards of the king grow and mature. I longed to know if hearts were opening. Are the budding vines blooming with new growth? Has their springtime of passionate love arrived? Then suddenly my longings transported me. My divine desire brought me next to my beloved prince, sitting with him in his royal chariot. We were lifted up together!

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  1. Kirsten, this is beautiful! I am releasing an article today also based on Song of Songs. Good to know we are thinking the same thing!


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