My finger has pressed the button, labeled, ‘CHANGE!’

The Lord is saying, ‘Hold fast! Change is upon you!! Like a lever is pulled, a button is pressed, to set in motion what has been prepared, so I have pressed My finger on this button, labeled, ‘Change’.

Corridor of change

There is a season and there is a day. The Lord has been speaking the ‘new’ over us and the nations. The season is the overarching period of that ‘new’ and can be anticipated and even entered long before anything visibly changes. Whereas the day refers to the moment when we see it become a reality, made manifest in the natural.

When we face change there is a period of preparation for that change. It’s the corridor between the old and the new. There is a sense of quiet and rest in the corridor as we contemplate what lies ahead and mourn what lies behind. It’s a hidden place, but not insignificant. It’s a place of discipline where we want to run into the new, yet, the release and provision for it hasn’t yet come through. There’s a tension between waiting and taking, charging and retreating. A place where patience has come to its full maturity and all that’s necessary is the blasting gun to set in motion the fast pace we have anticipated for so long, with its promised rewards to conquer territories.

Lever of change

The Lord is saying, ‘Hold fast! Change is upon you!! Like a lever is pulled, a button is pressed, to set in motion what has been prepared, so I have pressed My finger on this button, labeled, ‘Change’. Everything that I have spoken will now come to pass. All rise! The Judge has taken His seat to execute justice in your life, the church, and the nations.

Do not be discouraged when you feel a great turning and whirling. Initially, this change will feel worse than it really is, for I am turning what was up, down, and what is down, up. I am cleansing the earth, and as washing is put in a machine at high temperatures and top speed, so I am causing a new cycle upon the earth that will bring forth what is clean. The dirt is being removed from the cloth, and nothing can stop My cycle of change.

You will see the change of guard as I have promised. Those who have expiry dates on them, those who have partnered with the corrupt regime, will perish and fall. Dead bodies will line the streets as in the days of old. Great courage will be needed for the days lying ahead. Now is the time when your strength will be drawn on by those who will come into their new positions.

Vindication is upon My people. No more talk, no more defences. Your vindication will be in plain sight for all to see. What you have spoken and what you have held onto, will become the evidence that is made known by the passing of time. Truth will conquer and all those who are loyal to her will conquer and prosper with her.

I have raised a prophetic people who know My voice. These are the ones who will be called on, who will be summoned, to appear before kings and presidents, and the like. For these ones will not know how to lead without the counsel of Almighty God. The fear of the Lord is falling on the people, and the nations are returning to the God of their forefathers.

This era of change is the era of the prodigals. Everything will be centred around the return of the prodigals. My lost sheep, those who have lost their way – people and nations – will run back into My light. Be not dismayed by the darkness that surrounds you at present, but feel the turning of My waters and feel the heat inside the drum. It is I who have turned the heat up, it is I who have accelerated the speed. I’m calling you, My Issachars! A people who have discernment, wisdom, and understanding of the times. It is your voice that needs to go forth to give guidance and leadership in the days ahead.’

Pioneering Vessels

‘The time is ‘now’ to put your vessels out under My sky. For the rain of My blessing is coming. In this turning of events, I will cause new streams of income to flow into your vessels, however, you need to prepare and put them out. Make them known. New clients, new business, and new deals are coming forth, for those who serviced them before, will service them no more.

Word of mouth will be the strongest advertisement in this era, for trust and loyalty will win, hands-down. False promises, big words, flattery, and bribery will not stand, nor be tolerated. My light is exposing all darkness, and with it, those who are building their businesses in the light will find themselves, sought out, preferred, and referred.

When the world says, the economic climate is darker than ever, and the future is grim, rejoice, because this change is bringing forth My economic climate in the nations, and it has never looked better!

You will get what you expect. My heavens are open, but the measure that you will receive will depend on the measure of your faith.’

Art of Receiving

The Lord showed me the church, and I saw widows and widowers, prisoners, orphans, childless parents, the elderly, the poor, the single, and the vulnerable. I felt His heart of compassion for His people, it is beating with such love and concern. He wants to heal and restore the brokenhearted. For some, you feel like restoration could never be made possible, for that which has been lost could never be recovered. The loss is final, and you can’t see how it can be reversed.

The Lord has a Word for you. He is saying, ‘My beloved, I am giving gifts to My children in this era. Gifts that will bring healing and restoration to My people. As I restored Job, Esther, and Ruth, so I am restoring you. They, too, had a loss that couldn’t be recovered, however, I provided them with new gifts that held the power to bring forth a new thing in their lives. Through that, I brought a reversal to the devastation, a redemption from being lost, and a restoration to their lives that were broken.

As I have promised My provision, favour, blessing, and reward over My people, so I am also speaking wisdom to you. Without it, you will not know how to inherit in the place of loss. For I have not forgotten you, My beloved. I am giving you to each other to care for one another as I have always intended. Isn’t My Bride one who cares for the poor, the vulnerable, the widows, the orphans, the aged, and the sick? Not only will you care for one another, but you will become mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and husbands and wives to each other.

Do the receiver of the gift, say to the Giver, ‘Why are You giving me this gift? Couldn’t You have given me another?’ No! I am going to give you the grace to learn the art of receiving from My hands, what I have prepared for you. My restoration will come forth as Boaz stretched the corner of his garment over Ruth. It will come forth as Esther, an orphan, was chosen to be queen, called for a time such as that. It will come forth as Job was restored and blessed double.

This is the time of the double blessing. However, it requires humility and wisdom to discern and recognize the gift when it is presented. My concern over My people is that when I hand out the gifts, you won’t know how to receive them. My healing and restoration will come from amongst your own people.

This grace is needed so that you, in turn, can bring healing to the nations who are suffering greatly and will have much loss of life in the days ahead. How can you comfort the widow from your place of sorrow? I am going to put a new song in the mouths and hearts of My widows and widowers, orphans, and childless parents. The loss you have suffered, I know, and I have made provision to bind up your wounds and restore your broken hearts.

For each one, there is a time to grieve, to mourn, to recognize, to process, and to accept. To receive, you need to go through that process, but the hardest part is the acceptance that you need to let go of the old to receive the new. Allow My Spirit to comfort you and guide you through that process, and to bring you through to the place of acceptance, at the right time, so that you can, as Ruth did, be covered by the garment of Boaz in your midst. Allow Me to give you the gifts that I have prepared for you, and give yourself the grace to receive them.’

Psalm 82

True Justice

Asaph’s poetic song
1All rise! For God now comes to judge
as he convenes heaven’s courtroom. 
He judges every judge and rules in the midst of the gods, saying,
2“How long will you judges refuse to listen
to the voice of true justice and continue to corrupt what is right
by judging in favor of the wrong?”

Pause in his presence

3“Defend the defenseless, the fatherless and the forgotten,
the disenfranchised and the destitute.
4Your duty is to deliver the poor and the powerless;
liberate them from the grasp of the wicked.
5But you continue in your darkness and ignorance
while the foundations of society are shaken to the core!
6Didn’t I commission you as judges, saying,
‘You are all like gods, since you judge on my behalf.
You are all like sons of the Most High, my representatives.’
7Nevertheless, in death you are nothing but mere men!
You will be laid in the ground like any prince and you will die.”
8All rise! For God now takes his place as judge of all the earth.
Don’t you know that everything and everyone belongs to him?
The nations will be sifted in his hands!

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