When Mom moved in

My mom moved in the other day,
in an instance, my normal fell away.
Juggling balls more than I can,
my world’s gone spinning like a fan.

My chest on fire,
my heart like lead.
For the days of ‘just us’ have fled
far away to a distant place,
out of reach, out of touch.

My mom, once the one
who cared for me,
rocked me to sleep,
looked out for me –
has now become the one
in need of me.
The reminders, the cues 
I offer patiently.

At first my flesh cried,
‘This cannot be!
This is so unfair!
This burden too much to bear.’

But with every passing day
I’m learning to see:
this unforeseen event
is destined for me!

For I have been given the tools from Heaven
to walk in this season bare-feet and free.
The weight I first carried that felt oh so hard
I’m learning to pass on to the shoulders of my God.

He smiles at her lovingly
cheers me on with praise,
‘This unforeseen is a gift from Me…
just you wait and see!
For one day you will turn around,
and thank Me for this gift of time.’

Taking care of our elderly parents when we’re still caring for our young, is a challenge we’re often not prepared for, nor anticipate at that particular time. God is there with us to help us… His Hands are stretched out to take the weight from us, for His burden is light and His yoke easy. (Matthew 11:30)

Taking one day at a time, and receiving everything I need from My Heavenly Father for that one single day, has enabled me to walk free from worry, stress, and anxiety.

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