Look into My Face

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This famous, old song, ‘Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful’, has ministered so much to me in the last few weeks. I clearly see the Lord’s Face before me and hear Him say, ‘Just look at Me, My Precious One. Just behold Me’, and as I hear these words, I see the image of His Face shatter into many little pieces, and I hear, ‘I am shattering the image you’ve created of Me, and I am revealing My True Nature to you. Look at Me and let Me show You Who I really am’.

As I behold Him, I am aware of the Light of His Glory, and I feel the warmth of His Love and Presence. I know He is standing before me, enveloping me in His Eternal Love.

I feel all my pretences, ambitions, and pride fall to the ground, and suddenly I am so aware of my weaknesses and frailties. As His Love washes over me, I feel Him cut the weights of a lifetime of striving to be perfect before Him, to please Him and win His Favour and Love.

He loves me as I am. My failures and imperfections don’t alter His affections. I am LOVED beyond comprehension. He’s cutting the chains of law and labour. It has been accomplished, it is finished!

He draws me close, and asks, ‘Will you serve Me out of Love, lay down your life for Love?’ At that moment, I question the motivation behind my devotion. Was it duty rather than love that propelled my steps thus far? He is calling me His bride… His love. Will I bind myself to Him, so that I never run ahead nor lag behind, but walk in step with Him besides?

I am won over at last. That which I held back from fear of letting go, fear to trust without control, I have yielded now at last. May I never take my gaze off Him, for nothing could ever compare to Him or the sweetness of the Love I now share with Him.

A weight I haven’t even known, was on my back until I sang this song.

I saw the Face of the One I love, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. My life will never be the same, for His Amazing Grace has opened up my eyes to see Him in His True Light.

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