Living by Faith is the Standard

Living by faith is the standard by which we are called to live, however many of us only embrace it in desperate times. It is so funny, we so often say, ‘I’ve tried everything, but nothing is working! I’ll just have to trust God now to make a way. I’ll just have to pray and trust that He’ll come through for me.’

Our flesh wants to control. Our fallen nature is drawn to take matters into our own hands and make things happen… often leading to great frustration, disappointment, and disillusionment when nothing goes our way. But there is a higher way of living. The way of the Spirit, which is the way of faith.

The enemy of our faith is fear. When we can’t work out what God is doing, or we have many unanswered questions, we can abandon ourselves before our Loving Father, our Abba, and let go of all our burdens of worry, anxiety, fear, and confusion. When we give up our need to control and choose to trust Him with all our hearts, we are filled with His Peace, His Joy, and His Righteousness.

There is a fine balance between running, doing and building in the flesh and the Spirit. The former is lead by us and accompanied by striving, stressing and pushing. The latter is lead by God and accompanied by peace, trust, patience, and faith. We are all so vulnerable and susceptible to fall into the trap of the flesh, so let’s be especially aware of this and ask God to mature us into the people of that scripture… let’s be the just who live by faith.

Hebrews 10:38

38Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

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