Let Spontaneous Worship Erupt!


I just love reading about the Holy Spirit’s outpourings on the earth. Rick Joyner wrote a very insightful book, ‘The Power to Change the World: The Welsh and Azusa Street Revivals’. This book studies the revivals so we can learn from their obedience and faithfulness, and also their mistakes, so that when we encounter His outpouring, we know how to hold it.

The one thing that really stood out, was that those who pioneered the revival, were humble folk who sought God over a period of time, not giving up until they and their nation encountered Him. It had nothing to do with their ministry or them personally, it was all about God.

During the outpouring, spontaneous worship erupted amongst the people. With great freedom and humility, they sang praises to God. Sometimes in their known language, and sometimes in the Spirit. Even those who couldn’t fit into the buildings would start singing boldly a song of the Lord outside, causing those on the inside to hear and join in. The sound of worship was in the air, and it was not controlled or led by any one particular person. It was Holy Spirit-led, free, and spontaneous. It was imperfect, coming out of hearts that were full of His Spirit.

I hear the Lord very clearly leading us in the same way. He wants us to come with expectant hearts, filled with love for Him, singing songs of praise that erupt from a deep place inside of us, lifting Him higher.

We’ve been caught up with a system of praise and worship, that is centred around known songs and perfect sounds. However, it is often the humble, obscure, and hidden ones that usher in His Glory. Where we become invisible in His Glory, where His Power and Majesty is displayed in splendour. Here, we fall upon our faces and hide in His Shadow, with fear and trembling, because we find ourselves on Holy Ground, aware of the King’s Presence in our midst.

Psalm 99

The Lord Reigns!

The LORD reigns;
let the nations tremble!
He is enthroned above the cherubim;
let the earth quake!
2Great is the LORD in Zion;
He is exalted above all the peoples.
3Let them praise Your great and awesome name—
He is holy!
4The mighty King loves justice.a
You have established equity;
You have exercised justice
and righteousness in Jacob.
5Exalt the LORD our God,
and worship at His footstool;
He is holy!
6Moses and Aaron were among His priests;
Samuel was among those who called on His name.
They called to the LORD and He answered.
7He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;
they kept His decrees and the statutes He gave them.
8O LORD our God, You answered them.
You were a forgiving God to them,
yet an avenger of their misdeeds.
9Exalt the LORD our God
and worship at His holy mountain,
for the LORD our God is holy.

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