Keep your focus on the Light

The Lord has been stirring my heart to encourage you to keep your focus on the Light. Don't get distracted by strange occurrences and events, keep your eyes on the Lord and know that He is working, even in the midst of the craziness.

The Lord has been stirring my heart to encourage you to keep your focus on the Light. Don’t get distracted by strange occurrences and events, keep your eyes on the Lord and know that He is working, even in the midst of the craziness. We are in the middle of a great battle… a battle against humanity.

As Pharaoh rushed after the Israelites into the Red Sea, abandoning all sense of reason, the enemy is rushing after the inhabitants of the earth. He is willing to risk it all, as long as he can keep us from escaping his system of control. The more we are walking on the dry ground between the sea walls, the more he is pursuing us.

Do not get afraid or intimidated by what you hear. Let your heart be firm and your focus set clear. The Lord is setting us free from the grip of the enemy and his world systems. We will see and hear things that will be very alarming, and hard to fathom. There will be casualties, there will be devastation, but ultimately, there will be salvation. We are called to keep our eyes firmly on the Lord, for He is leading the nations through the Red Sea, and we, His Remnant, have been trained and prepared for a time such as this, to lead the nations through to Canaan.

I have been hearing the Lord say, ‘There is a war within a war. There is a power struggle and in-fighting amongst the enemy ranks and camps. As they’re waging war against the people, they are also waging war against each other. They are consumed with confusion, insanity, and an insatiable drive to destroy their enemy and take control of everything. You are their enemy, and the earth is the domain they are determined to rule over.’ (Ps.2)

I see bombs (symbolic) falling from the sky, and I hear the screams of people as they run for safety. The Lord is saying, ‘Run into the cleft of the rock where My presence is, for there is the place of safety. Know that I am dealing with the enemy, and I will watch over you. Don’t get caught up in the fight where you are exposed on the plain. You will not fight this battle on the battlefield as before. The strategy has changed. Previously, I called My people to shout out loud from the field, to create awareness and an awakening of the attack, and also to stand against wickedness. However, the attack is now in full force, and I will redeem you as you press deeply into Me to hear My strategy of victory.

I am calling My people into a submerged state, where you will move under the radar with great precision. You will see and hear the enemy’s attacks, but he will have no idea what your counter-plan will be. For I am giving instruction in the night that will bring deliverance quickly and suddenly, and I am taking you into My throne room where the earth will become your footstool, as it is Mine.’

The shape of everything is changing. Instruction is coming from the Lord, Himself. It is not the time for the multitude of prophetic voices to echo loudly in public squares, it is the time for each of us, individually, and corporately, to hear the Voice of the Holy One, for what He shares, is secret and strategic, and must be kept safe amongst the trusted. There is a time to rush behind the enemy and shout, and there is a time to hide behind the One who fights for us. This is that time.

His throne room is open, and He is calling us up to join the angels, elders, saints, and heavenly beings as they worship before His throne, singing, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty.’

My prayer for you is that you will feel the safety of His deep embrace as you lean into His chest in the cleft of the Rock. Outside, the bombs are falling and craziness has been let loose, however, keep your focus on the Light in the midst of the darkness. The old kingdom is falling, and the new one is rising. Let your heart not be troubled, nor your spirit faint. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might, and keep your ears on His chest so you can hear His secrets whispered in the night. He, who is faithful, will keep His promises and will lead you and your people through to victory and freedom.

Also, be ready to build what He reveals, and run when He says, ‘run’. It is a time of utter dependency on His specific instruction and leading, for what He is establishing at this time, He is establishing outside of the current crumbling world system. God is working dynamically, which demands flexibility, obedience, and courage so that we remain in step with Him at every turn. Stay close, undistracted, and busy yourself only with what He calls you to do.

Sending much love and blessings XX

(On a personal note: I would encourage you to read the prophetic books of the Old Testament and the book of Revelation. To understand our times, we need to read and re-read these books as they are full of prophetic promise, insight, and revelation. It is also important to read various translations to gain a full understanding. The Passion Translation unpacks and uncovers the language of God, which is very symbolic and metaphorical in nature. Re-reading Scripture is like watching the same movie over and over. You start to see and hear things that were overlooked before. In order to see mysteries and hidden treasures scattered as jewels throughout the Word, it is essential to learn the language of the Spirit. As you immerse yourself in Scripture, your ears will open and your eyes will see what you didn’t notice before. It is the most exciting journey of discovery and adventure with the Holy Spirit, and you will continually gain new understanding of our times and seasons as you grow in revelation.)

Revelation 4 (TPT)

John’s Vision of the Throne Room

1Then suddenly, after I wrote down these messages, I saw a portal open into the heavenly realm, and the same trumpet-voice I heard speaking with me at the beginning  said, “Ascend into this realm!  I want to reveal to you what must happen  after this.”

2Instantly I was taken into the spirit realm,  and behold—I saw a heavenly throne  being set in place and someone seated upon it. 3His appearance was sparkling like crystal  and glowing like a carnelian gemstone.  Surrounding the throne was a circle of green light,  like an emerald rainbow.  4Encircling the great throne were twenty-four thrones with elders  in glistening white garments seated upon them, each wearing a golden crown of victory. 5And pulsing from the throne were blinding flashes of lightning,  crashes of thunder, and voices.  And burning before the throne were seven blazing torches, which represent the seven Spirits of God.  6And in front of the throne there was pavement  like a crystal sea of glass. 

Worship around the Throne

Around the throne and on each side  stood four living creatures,  full of eyes in front and behind.  7The first living creature resembled a lion, the second an ox,  the third had a human face, and the fourth was like an eagle in flight. 8Each of the four living creatures had six wings, full of eyes all around and under their wings. They worshiped without ceasing, day and night, singing,

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty! 

The Was,  the Is,  and the Coming!” 

9And whenever the living creatures gave glory, honor, and thanks to the One who is enthroned and who lives forever and ever, 10the twenty-four elders fell facedown before the one seated on the throne and they worshiped the one who lives forever and ever. And they surrendered their crowns before the throne, singing:

11“You are worthy, our Lord and God,

to receive glory, honor, and power,

for you created all things,

and for your pleasure  they were created and exist.” 

Want to understand our times and seasons? What the enemy is painting as dark, God is breaking through with His light. Both in your lives and the nations. ‘Building the nations from the ground up’ will change your perspective, and give you new ideas and practical tips on how to navigate through the new waters of this new era.

You are called to inherit and overcome, not struggle and be overcome! Align your mind and heart with God’s and see an ecosystem of life erupt all around you. It is time!

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