Introducing my New Song: I’ve Been Completely Undone

I’m excited to share my latest song with you – ‘I’ve been completely undone’ (first rough recording).
When it feels like our world is falling apart, and we can’t work out how to put the pieces of our lives back together again, God is there with us. He is the Anchor that keeps us alive. He is the One that holds our world in His Hands… we can trust Him even when we don’t understand.

I’ve been completely undone (lyrics)

I’ve been completely undone
My life strewn along
Like paper in the wind
Blown away from me
I’m turning round and round
My world’s the wrong way round
I cannot even see
Where the sun should be
But in this whirlwind
I’ll survive
You’re the Anchor that keeps me alive
With every breath
I trust
With every step
I watch…
You, You are my Shining Star
You, You are my Stable Ground
You are the Axis
That keeps my world

Spinning around and around and around


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