Have Courage to Stand Alone, if You Must

One thing history-makers and shakers have in common, is they have the courage to stand alone, if they must.

One thing history-makers and shakers have in common, is they have the courage to stand alone, if they must. To be part of the change that they fight and stand for, demands inner-strength and courage to stand in the midst of pointing fingers, criticism and rejection, often joint with violent opposition. They are willing to go against the grain, and keep on pushing until the grain gives way.

One of my most valuable lessons has been, to see God’s hand turning that which the devil meant for harm, into blessing. God comes and turns our ashes into beauty… Sometimes we despise the hard times and the pain, but if we endure the process of His love at work in our wounded hearts, He will not only bring healing and wholeness, but bring us into freedom where the very chains that bound us, become the flags of freedom that flies in our lives. Let maturity have it’s full working. For it’s out of this process that history-makers are made.

Embrace the fruit of rejection, criticism and judgment. As painful as they are, they teach us to live without needing acceptance, praise and recognition from others. They teach us the courage to walk our road, even if it is completely alone. But most of all, they teach us the power of grace and forgiveness.

Coming through this process, we are grounded in the freedom of Christ to unconditionally love, accept and bless others, not wanting, needing or demanding anything in return. Letting love flow from the Well of Grace and Perfect Love to all around us.

There is no greater history-maker, than one who runs in freedom with pure conviction for truth and unconditional love for others.

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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