Being an Effective, Innovative Entrepreneur

Many dream of being an effective, innovative entrepreneur, free from the corporate systems and earning more than a mere monthly salary. However, it’s hard to come up with ‘the big idea’ that actually works…

I do believe there’s a better way than the ‘one big idea’ approach, which is attainable by anyone… from young to old, rich to poor.

Instead of building one successful business, build many small businesses. Take your natural gifting, and think of ways that you can apply it differently to the rest… how can you create something that meets a need and remains unique? Don’t get thrown by the ‘smallness’ of the idea, if you are able to create something that sells, or offer a service that is used, it is a good idea.

Keeping the overheads to the minimum will build the strongest and least-burdensome businesses. You can keep the overheads down, when you use your natural giftings and abilities, not requiring much, if anything, from someone else. Rather spend money on equipment needed to produce what you need, so that it’s not a continual layout of cash.

I believe that God has gifted each of us with dreams and gifts that are unique to us. It’s like seeds placed in our hearts, that we need to scatter on the fields surrounding us. Some will produce a big harvest, others only a patch… though they start off small, they will continue to grow if given time and effort.

Think of multiple businesses. Think of enabling others, let your vision draw others into their destinies and let them be part of building your dreams. This is the time of multiplication. It is the time of ‘the many ideas’ taking root and shooting up. This is the time to think bigger than yourself. No more are we to think of making enough for ourselves, but it’s the time to think of building others. As we enable others, we are building our nation.

If you are called to ministry work, ask God for ideas to fund your work. If you are called to business, ask God to give you multiple businesses. See yourself as a Joseph, who needs Pharaohs to springboard you into your destiny, and see yourself as a Pharoah to others, enabling and catapulting them into their destinies. We need to walk as both Josephs and Pharaohs to be effective as entrepreneurs.

As parents, we need to raise a generation of creative, innovative entrepreneurial thinkers. They must have eyes to see opportunities when others don’t, know their gifting and have the ability to apply it. They must be ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers, problem-solvers, non-conformist, and self-learners. We must teach them the principles of applying their gifting in a way that is unique to them, keeping them from following systems that will prevent them from finding their originality.

We need to give them much free-play and the gift of time to explore and find themselves. Letting them lead the journey of their education through desire and interest, will put them on a path where learning is fun, the world a place of wonder to be discovered, whilst building their strengths and growing their gifts.

This could be a fun project to do as families… let everyone come up with one small business that generates an income, regardless of how small. If it is profitable, it is a business worth building!

For myself, I have been scattering various seeds, and even though I haven’t harvested much yet, it is only a matter of time… for the time of growth and harvest will come. What is important, is to keep building what we love, and being patient for God to cause the seeds to sprout and grow.

Always think bigger than yourself. Be an opportunist. See possibilities beyond your reach, and trust God for the impossible. See that which is barren and dry, sprout up and produce orchards large enough to feed the multitudes.

That is the mind of our Entrepreneurial God. He is all-creative, all-original and all-possible!!

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