Creativity Demands Space and Time

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I’ve been so inspired and encouraged by this Youtube video clip of Alma Deutscher. Her raw talent, undiluted by modern living, her passion and innocence, her enthusiasm and energy is just beautiful to see!

We have to guard our hearts against becoming overly busy, driven by success or money, and being influenced to create what people want to hear or see. Creativity demands lots of free space, time and boredom. The most fulfilling thing of being creative is going on an unknown journey of discovery, creating something out of nothing, nurturing it and growing it, without hasting it along. When it reaches maturity, we give birth to beautiful creations that will bless not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Enjoy this video clip and be inspired to make free space in your and your children’s lives, so that the habitat for creating is there… a space that awaits great creations!


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