Category: Prophetic Words for the Bride

May you be encouraged, activated, and mobilised as I share His Words of hope and love for His Beloved.
There's rejoicing and commotion in Heaven, as the earth is moving from one kingdom to another. History will record our current times as the end of the old kingdom, governed by paganism and hedonism, and the birthing of a new kingdom, governed by sons and daughters of righteousness, truth and justice alongside their eternal King, Jesus Christ.
There’s going to be an explosion of the apostolic gifting in the church. I hear the Lord say, ‘Those who have been faithful in the church, serving and leading the people, will be promoted in this era with a great measure of the apostolic gift.’
I have been so burdened for America, President Trump, and his entire administration. The Lord has shown me a picture a few months ago, I saw the hordes of hell charging at him, and I heard the Lord say, “My people need to fast and pray for Trump and America as they are facing the battle for the nations head-on. The battlefield for the nations are fought on American soil right now.”
I've been hearing the Lord say, 'I'm adding to My Holy Remnant, and not taking away. As I've aligned your thoughts to Mine, regarding identity, purpose, and value – shifting you from orphan/slave to heir, so I am aligning your thoughts regarding finance and economy. For I have been preparing you to be all you are called to be, now I am aligning and shifting you to take hold of all that I've stored up for you.

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