Break Open the Seal of God’s Prophetic Promises for NOW!

The Lord is unveiling His prophetic promises hidden in the pages of His Word. Prophetic revelation remains a mystery until the time of its appointed unveiling, and even then, it is only made visible to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to understand.

The Lord is unveiling His prophetic promises hidden in the pages of His Word. Prophetic revelation remains a mystery until the time of its appointed unveiling, and even then, it is only made visible to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to understand. Isaiah said, ‘This entire prophetic revelation will become to you like the words of a sealed book.’ (Is. 29:11 TPT)

The Lord is calling us to delve into His Word with hunger and a quest to uncover and unbolt the seal that have kept His mysteries hidden until now. This is a time of new revelation, it is a time of new intimacy with our Bridegroom, calling us to come nearer than we’ve ever been before.

The Lord is saying, ‘Come, My Bride, into the chambers of My love. I am waiting, ever-waiting, for you to join me at the table of feasting. For I have prepared a feast for all who delight themselves in Me.

Come celebrate My goodness and see your deliverance as I move across the earth with My Army-Angels. In righteousness, I will bring to account all who have contended with Me, and I will bring My beautiful Bride into a time of bliss as you have not ever known. For a time, you have known only hardship and suffering, but I am bringing My people into a time of ‘Daylight’ where My light will shine brighter than seven suns. Revelation will be made known to My people and you will walk in My perfect light.

As I dealt with wickedness in the time of Noah, I will deal with it again. I will not wipe away the whole earth – as I have promised – but I will bring a wiping away of wickedness to preserve My righteous and My purposes for the earth. There is a corruption on the earth as in the days of Noah, a corruption that if left alone, will corrupt everything. Prepare yourselves for My interruption of ‘suddenlies’. Be not weary by the waiting, but know that when My ‘suddenly’ appears, it will be evident and it will come in power and glory.

Everything is about to change. I am going to bring forth the ‘new’ that I have promised. You are about to see the manifestation of all My Words of Promise. As your voice goes forth from the dust of the earth, the place of utter desperation, humility and dependability… know that the sound of your whisper reaches My ears and stirs My heart to act on your behalf.

It will be quick, it will be fleeting, it will be sudden. The night-time has an end, a definite end, causing the new day to break with its million rays of light. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and your hearts entwined with Mine. I hear the sound of worship, it is coming from the farthest parts of the earth. The north, east, south and west are singing My praises! Mount Zion is erupting, it is erupting! The earth will know that I am God when I bring judgment on the wicked whilst My Remnant feasts on My goodness in the presence of their enemies.

Your path will be smooth and clear, be not dismayed by what you hear. Let your ears rest on My heart so you can hear My words of truth, comfort and hope. Yes, you see chaos and destruction, plots and schemes unfolding, but know, that My people who are called by My name, will inherit the earth with Me. You will bring forth a new order and restore the Chief-Cornerstone within the nations.

This is the time I have spoken of by the mouths of My holy prophets throughout many generations, and even in recent years I have echoed those words through My mouthpieces for this era. Come into My presence, sit at My feet, drink from My well and eat from My bread. I will feed you with manna from Heaven, sustaining you beyond the natural. You will feed and be fed, you will drink and be satisfied, and in this place you will feast at My table where I will give you your testimony. In the presence of your enemies, you will feast and they will see the goodness and favour of the Lord upon you. You will inherit and subdue the earth, reaping what you have not laboured for, and filling up storehouses you have not built, but own.

What lies ahead is bliss and harvest, not sorrow and toil. Hear the words of your good, good Father. Trust in Me, for you will see the manifestation of your restoration and the restoration of the nations in your generation. I am the Lord, your Helper, who hears your cries and answers your prayers. I am He who stamps My feet to the sound of praise, shattering the works of darkness as I dance the dance of victory in the presence of My enemies!’

Isaiah 26:5-21 (TPT)

5 He knocks down the high and mighty, and the lofty city he humbles and levels down to the dust, 6 to be trampled down by the feet of the poor and exploited.” 7 The path of the righteous is smooth and level; God, the Just One, you make a clear path for them. 8 Yes, we will follow your ways, Lord Yahweh, and entwine our hearts with yours, for the fame of your name is all that we desire. 9 At night I yearn for you with all my heart; in the morning my spirit reaches out to you. When you display your judgments on the earth, people learn the ways of righteousness.

10 But when mercy is shown to scoundrels, they still aren’t able to learn righteousness. Even in a land of integrity, they still do wrong, for they ignore the great majesty of the Lord Yahweh. 11 Lord Yahweh, you lift your mighty hand, but they do not see it. Let them witness how much you love your people and be ashamed. Let the fire reserved for your enemies consume them.

12 Lord Yahweh, you will establish peace and prosperity for us, for all we have accomplished is the result of what you work through us. 13 Lord Yahweh, our God, other lords have ruled over us, but we praise your name alone. 14 Their dead don’t come back to life; their ghosts do not rise. For you have punished and destroyed them, wiping out even the memory of them. 15 You have made our nation grow! Lord Yahweh, you have made our nation grow; you have revealed your glory, and you have extended all the borders of the land. 16 Lord Yahweh, in their distress, they reached out to you. When you chastened them, they poured out prayer to you.

17 Lord Yahweh, we were like a pregnant woman going into labor pains— writhing, screaming, and ready to deliver, all because of you. 18 We were full term. We pushed and strained, but we gave birth only to wind! We accomplished nothing and have not brought deliverance into the world, nor its inhabitants new life. 19 But your dead will live again! Their bodies will rise from the dead! It’s time to awaken and sing for joy, you dwellers in the dust! As the glistening, radiant dew refreshes the earth, so the Lord will awaken those dwelling among the dead. 20 Go, my people, into your inner chambers and close the doors behind you. Hide for a little while, until his indignation is over. 21 For the Lord is coming out from his heavenly place to punish people for their sins. The earth itself will expose the blood spilled upon it, and the ground will no longer hide its slain.

Isaiah 29:4-8 (TPT)

4 Brought low, you will speak from the dust of the earth. Your voice will be heard speaking from the ground, and like the voice of a ghost, you will whisper out of the dust. 5 Then suddenly, in an instant, your ruthless enemies will become nothing more than dust in the wind and your vile tyrants like wind-driven chaff! 6 She will be visited by the Lord Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, with thunder, earthquake, and deafening noise, with whirlwind, tempest, and the blaze of a consuming fire! 7 As quickly as a fading dream or as fleeting as a vision of the night, so will all the vast hordes of all the nations fade away and all who war against Ariele and her fortress disappear. 8 Just as a hungry man dreams that he is eating but wakes up still hungry, or as a thirsty man dreams that he is drinking but wakes up weak and still longing for water, so it will be for the vast hordes of all the nations that fight against Mount Zion.”

Isaiah 30:18-26 (TPT)

18 For this reason the Lord is still waiting to show his favor to you so he can show you his marvelous love. He waits to be gracious to you. He sits on his throne ready to show mercy to you. For Yahweh is the Lord of justice, faithful to keep his promises. Overwhelmed with bliss are all who will entwine their hearts in him, waiting for him to help them. 19 Yes, the people of Zion who live in Jerusalem will weep no more. How compassionate he will be when he hears your cries for help! He will answer you when he hears your voice! 20 Even though the Lord may allow you to go through a season of hardship and difficulty, he himself will be there with you. He will not hide himself from you, for your eyes will constantly see him as your Teacher. 21 When you turn to the right or turn to the left, you will hear his voice behind you to guide you, saying, “This is the right path; follow it.”

22 Then you will see your idols as they are—unclean! Your silver-overlaid idols and gold-plated images are defiled. You will discard them like a filthy menstrual cloth, saying to them, “Good riddance!” 23 Then God will supply you with abundant rain for the seeds you sow. He will bless you with an incredible, plentiful harvest. And in that day he will give you lush, broad pastures for your cattle. 24 Even your oxen and donkeys that work the soil will feed on good grain, separated from its chaff. 25 On the day of great slaughter, when all their towers tumble, God will bless you with sparkling streams and bubbling brooks flowing down every high hill and every lofty mountain. 26 Moonlight will shine as bright as sunlight, and the sun’s glare will become seven times brighter, like the light of seven days rolled into one. That will be the day when the Lord Yahweh heals the bruises and wounds that he has inflicted.

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