Alliance With Truth Will Bring Unity

I think of the incident of when Peter tried to protect Jesus from the cross. He was rebuked, for he, without his knowledge, was in that moment behaving as the enemy of the cross and the purpose of Christ’s life on earth.

I think of the incident of when Peter tried to protect Jesus from the cross. He was rebuked, for he, without his knowledge, was in that moment behaving as the enemy of the cross and the purpose of Christ’s life on earth. We see the same thing take place in the Body of Christ right now. 

There is a great divide on certain topics, such as the vaccine, the intentions behind restrictions and controls, the virus – it’s origin and purpose etc. We ask ourselves, how can one Body, called to be united, be so divided? How can we overcome this and start moving as one warrior, fighting one common enemy, with our One Saviour, Jesus Christ?

The answer is found in truth. There is only one truth, not many, however, there are various levels of understanding of that truth. Truth is absolute and not relative. It is offensive and scary to those who oppose it, but freedom to those who embrace it. It separates and divides those who stand for it from those who stand against it. The only way we can walk as one, is if we bow our knees to hear the voice of the Lord, and then open our eyes and ears to connect what is actually happening on the earth with His voice. Peter failed to do that in that moment.

His emotions got the better of him. He couldn’t imagine that such a horrid thing could happen to his Lord! God forbid. In his mind, he was defending the one he loved with great zeal and passion. The motive of his heart was pure but because he was walking outside of revelational truth, motivated by his emotions, he was acting against God.

May the Lord keep us from that. There are a lot of voices out there, a lot of information, and a lot of accusation. There is manipulation of the masses to control how we think, so that ultimately, we are controlled in how we act. Without understanding that basic fact, we cannot delve in any further. 

Is. 60:1,2 says:

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.

Let’s run into the Light of Christ and seek understanding of our times so that we can lead the nations into truth and freedom, both in the spirit and in the natural.

Steps to walking in truth:

1. Know the Word of God

Knowing the Word of God is the foundation of everything. All the information we gather and research we do, must be weighed upon the Word of God. This is unity-factor number one!

2. Know the voice of the Lord

The first voice we need to hear, is the voice of God. What is He saying to me, personally? What is He showing me regarding the nations? This is unity-factor number two!

3. Heed the voice of the prophets

Read through prophetic words that God has released over the nations for this time. There are always confirmations as the Lord uses His prophets to declare His purposes over the earth. Kim Clement released very detailed prophetic words over the nations many years ago which we are seeing unfold right now on a global scale. This is unity-factor number three!

4. Listen to voices of those you trust

There is wisdom in the council of many. Surround yourself with godly, mature people who can also hear the voice of God. Dialogue through your concerns and questions, and seek the Lord together. If any of those whom you trust, have a different opinion or understanding of any of the above topics, give them time to talk through it. Don’t shut them up out of fear, but allow the Lord to use them to shine any light that’s needed on topics that you might lack understanding. Dialogue is key in this battle. The enemy is dividing people because they are reacting and shutting each other up, rather than humbly sitting down and listening to increase their understanding.

Remember, there are different levels of understanding of revelational knowledge on the same truth. One of the greatest stresses we are facing right now, which is causing incredible friction amongst people, is this very point. Some have in-depth knowledge, some have surface-knowledge, and some are totally ignorant. Depending on where you are on this scale, friction is inevitable when you are adamant that your understanding is the complete one, or the one that suffices. Surely we will see different aspects of truth being unveiled when we take the time to dialogue and truly listen.

The Lord has called us to different mountains. He has prepared us for a time such as this in our designated field. It is in the working together with the Holy Spirit and one another that we will slay this Goliath. Even within our spheres of influence, we are gifted differently. Some are passionate about investigating and researching, uncovering and exposing. This is their time, and we must listen. Others have been faithful, working and building, but might not have spent time in thorough research, lacking the understanding that is crucial in fighting this battle.

We cannot be ignorant any longer. The Lord has placed and positioned His market-place ministers in the nations… let’s recognise them and support them as they run in the frontlines of this war. This is unity-factor number four!

5. Connect the dots between the prophetic and the natural

The prophetic is futile if we cannot connect it with the natural. Daniel was able to connect the prophetic with his time, knowing what the Lord was saying, and being able to act accordingly. Some of the prophetic words that the Lord has been speaking over the last few years, have been, ‘I’m going to uncover EVERYTHING that needs to be uncovered. I’m going to level the mountains and bring down the lofty and uplift the humble. I am going to cause My people to rule and reign as Davids, Esthers, Daniels, Nehemiahs, Deborahs… taking the mountains of influence for the Kingdom. I am going to establish the nations, once again, on righteousness, truth and justice. This is the day of the Lord where I will act on behalf of My people, judging the wicked and saving the righteous. I am elevating the humble, the Josephs, Esthers and Mordecais will be honoured in the midst of the nations.’

These are some of the words. Now with every prophetic word of the Lord there is always a physical reality that accompanies that to bring it about. There are voices in the market-place, uncovering what has been hidden. They are not doing it as a prophet in the church mountain, they are doing it as market-place ministers who have been trained and equipped in their field, being able to discern the truth from the lies through their own research, scientific evidence, investigations, and collaborations with other professionals in their same field. Now to push those voices aside, and say, ‘it is conspiracy theory-stuff’, is the worst thing any of us can do. It shuts up their voices, and that is what is causing the greatest divide. 

Are we acting like Peter out of an emotion that is pure to keep unity and faith at the forefront of the battle, but at the cost of truth because we are in alliance with the enemy’s agenda through our own ignorance and defiance? I say, this is the time to seek truth like we’ve never sought it before. We are in a battle for the nations, and yes, the prophetic word of the Lord promises us the victory. But there is a natural path to get there. Are we walking on it or are we misaligned, causing division and separation because of our own lack of knowledge of truth, keeping others from speaking and uncovering that which has been hidden and should be shouted from the roof-tops? The truth sets us free! It turns the lights on and causes darkness to flee!

The Lord is using the humble. Do not think it folly when the most unlikely person speaks with revelational truth on market-place topics. Once your eyes open to see beyond the veil, it is easy to recognise and discern truth from lies. As an example, my husband and I have been reading and researching truth, with great passion, for nearly twenty years. Our journey started out of a need for healing, researching health and medicine. The Lord led us to Jordan Rubin from the Maker’s Diet. Prayer, together with a lifestyle-change, brought healing. From reading his book, we started researching heritage seeds and came across the sinister global control through Monsanto. This led us to Rodney Howard Browne’s book, ‘The Killing of Uncle Sam’, which opened up the whole global agenda – it’s roots, history, and operations. From there the Lord led us to Joshua Phillip from Epoch Times (Youtube: Crossroads with Joshua Phillip), an investigative reporter who has spent many years investigating the CCP. That cracked open the heart of Jezebel’s plot, operations, methods and warfare. Because we understand the methodology and ideology of the CCP, we are recognising its influence and unrestricted warfare in the nations.

Once you start digging, the journey doesn’t end. It is not scary or conspiracy theory-driven, it is like walking down a path of discovery. For your eyes start to see what has always been there, and hear what has always been said, however, it was overlooked and not heard because it was veiled with lies and false appearances. It is the most exhilarating journey when you walk it with the Spirit. Suddenly, the prophetic words of the Lord starts to connect with what you discover. When the Lord says, ‘I want to set the nations free from the Jezebel spirit’, you understand what He means and how it looks. You respect those in their designated fields, when He says, ‘I am elevating my humble ones on the mountains of influence to govern and rule, establishing My Kingdom’, recognising the Lord’s hand on the obscure and hidden ones as they come forth out of the cave. This is unity-factor number five!

The Lord has been impressing very strongly on my heart, that He wants us to humbly stand together in unity, listening to each other, and honouring one another before Him. The doctor and the lawyer must not hinder the voice of the mother or grandfather who has insight and revelational knowledge without any degree or experience in a highly esteemed field above their station. For there are humble ones who have sought out truth for many years, who have eyes to see and ears to hear, being able to discern truth from lies. They, themselves, do not assume to know everything, but through their own journey of seeking, have come to find the voices of truth upon those mountain-tops which they now echo so the message can be heard in our streets and amongst our neighbours. When we shut them up, labelling them ‘conspiracy-theorists’ or ‘fear-mongers’, or assume they know nothing for lack of qualification in that field, we are indeed persecuting them.

The Lord has been showing me how important the roles of church leaders are in this era. They are called to be the watchmen in society. The Lord is calling them to understand what is happening in the battle. The time of the church leaders working only with those from the church mountain, is over. They will be ineffective and irrelevant if they continue to speak prophetic words without the ability to connect it with the grassroots-battle that we are in. It’s through them, humbling themselves to work with the market-place ministers, that they will strike the enemy head-on. This is a new era of leadership. Leaders need to talk less and listen more. When they talk, they need to instruct through thorough revelational knowledge, gained by the ability to hear the voice of God and the voice of truth. People need strong leadership which is deeply rooted in revelational knowledge.

Has the Lord not said, He is releasing a roar over us? We need to broadcast truth so that people will be set free from the lies that have hypnotised the nations. A united voice is a loud one. A divided voice, is muted and muffled, and no one will hear it. What are we choosing in this hour? 

It’s time to unite in our search for truth. We know the voice of the Lord. We know His promises. Now, we must unite to understand how to connect that clear call with what is before us. The decisions we are needing to make at this time are critical. Has He not repeatedly said, ‘this is a time for My Bride to be strategic’. How can we be strategic when we don’t know what is needed in order to plan the strategy? As Esther had to act upon the news of Haman’s plot, so we are called to act. God is going to cause Haman to fall in his own trap, but we must speak the truth to expose him.

Much pressure and force are put upon people, and on top of it, many are facing sickness and loss. Others are overworked and have little time. However, we cannot escape this one fact: we are in a war for the soul, survival and freedom of the nations. In the battle, even when we’re tired, we have to know our enemy and his strategy, our weapons, our territory, and most of all, we need to move as one, led by our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ.

So in my continual search for truth, I have come across the most comprehensive platform to uncover and unveil the enemy’s workings within the nations, all in one place. For anyone who desires to understand what’s actually plotting, be informed, and most of all, be super-encouraged, I would highly recommend checking out and subscribe to his blog.

David Sorensen has been in ministry for a long time, has a masters degree in visual arts and media. He has answered the call of God on his life to let the voice of truth be heard through gathering scientific evidence, research, investigations and collaborations, all of this put against the backdrop of the prophetic revelation of the Spirit. He is a prophetic voice of God in the market-place, put there by Almighty God. If there’s one place to start your research from, start here. He’s done all the hard work of finding those who have done their own research, analysis and investigations, bringing it to you so that you can find the truth easily and quickly.

The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. Let Him lead you in your search so that you can be actively involved in the release of His roar in this hour. This is a time to fight with truth, in one accord, holding hands and standing our ground… no matter what we face.

Genesis 11:6

And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.”

John 8:31-32

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples.”

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  1. This is a most profound and insightful account opening up our understanding to the the need for unity within the church. This so too for the church South Africa to have any meaningful impact on our nation.
    A highly recommended read!


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