Joshua and Caleb

It's time for the Bride of Christ to rise up like Joshua and Caleb, with a report that says, 'Our God is strong! The giants are small! Our God has delivered them all, into our hands! This song is for Africa and the nations of the earth, to take hold of God's Promise to give you your land as an inheritance.

‘Joshua and Caleb’ Lyrics

Just as Joshua and Caleb spied the land
Their report came back, ‘we must take the land!’
Don’t listen to the voices of fear that say,
‘The giants will slay us if we dare come that way’.

So we have to take our land today
No fear will keep us away!
Africa, God’s promise to us
And the nations of the earth
To be, to be, to be, His bright shining flame!

We have a report that says, ‘My God is strong’
We have a report that says, ‘The giants are small’
My God has delivered them all!
Into our hands, into our hands
Into our hands, into our hands!

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